What should Johnson City do with Buffalo Valley?

Johnson City Press • Sep 9, 2018 at 6:51 PM

For nearly a year, the Johnson City-owned Buffalo Valley Golf Course in Unicoi County has been closed.

The city shut it down after years of financial losses and a consultant's report claiming there weren't enough local golfers to keep two municipal courses in business.

A request for proposals to sell the land brought in no suitable offers, the city said. The town of Unicoi offered to pay $400,000 for the property, a valuable flat parcel in a county that is mountainous and filled with state and national park lands. City leaders rejected the town's offer.

Recently, the Johnson City Public Works Department dug up some of the topsoil from the greens to use as fill dirt for other city projects, a surprise to some of the course's neighbors.

The fate of the land is still up in the air, so we want to hear from you. 

What should Johnson City do with Buffalo Valley? Should it sell to Unicoi for what may be an undervalued price? Should it hold out for a higher figure? Is there another use for the land that may bring value to the area?

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