Judge denies former part-time police chaplain free attorney because of income, assets

Becky Campbell • May 20, 2019 at 10:40 PM

 A former part-time police chaplain charged with multiple counts of statutory rape by an authority figure was in a Washington County courtroom Monday on his newest charge  — solicitation to commit first-degree murder and violation of an order of protection.

Anthony Dale Padgett, 51, 645 Bayless Road, asked Judge Lisa Rice to appoint him an attorney on the new charges, but she declined his request because he still draws a veteran’s pension and has equity in a house and mobile home. Padgett had wanted Darcee Kubisiak appointed to his case because she was involved in it in Sessions Court.

But when Rice reviewed Padgett’s affidavit of indigency, she said he did not qualify because of the $20,000 income threshold for the poverty level.

Padgett stands accused of violating an order of protection filed by the woman who said he raped her more than 100 times over a two-year period. After that order was filed, Padgett was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure and solicitation to commit statutory rape. Jonathan Minga represents Padgett on the statutory rape and an earlier violation of an order of protection charges.

Padgett was out on bond on those charges when he was again arrested and charged with violating the order of protection after police said he contacted the filer of the order through a social media photography app.

At a hearing to answer the violation charge, he was served with a warrant accusing him of solicitation to commit first-degree murder. The warrant claimed he tried to hire someone to kill his accuser and her boyfriend. At that hearing, Padgett’s bond was increased to $250,000.

In his latest charges, Padgett was accused of 19 additional counts of incest, 12 counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

His remains jailed on $450,000 bond and was scheduled to return to court July 19.

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