Jonesborough man indicted in June Dry Creek murder

Becky Campbell • Sep 27, 2018 at 6:52 PM

A Washington County grand jury indicted a man earlier this month in what authorities said could have been a drug debt murder along Dry Creek Road.

Aaron Christopher Story, 32, 3541 Cherokee Road, was indicted Sept. 11 for the June shooting death of Christopher Scott Connelly, 38, whose body was found by a woman intending to walk her dog at the Lone Oak trailhead that Saturday morning.

According to court records, when investigators found Connelly, he didn’t have any identification on him, but based on his tattoos and scars, and information from his family, they were able to identify him. From that point investigators began to create a timeline of where Connelly had been seen in the days prior to being found dead. That timeline led investigators to two men — David Parker and Story — who Connelly was reportedly seen with prior to Friday, June 8.

Officers found and arrested Parker on a violation of probation charge, but turned their attention to Story as a suspect in the slaying. Investigators located him two days later at the courthouse where he had a family court hearing. When he walked out of court, investigators were waiting for him and asked if he would talk to them about where he had been the previous Friday.

Story agreed and eventually gave a statement saying he had shot Connelly, according to testimony during a preliminary hearing June 14.

According to the testimony from Washington County Sheriff’s Investigator Jeff Miller:

  • Initially Story said he had driven down Dry Creek Road that previous Friday sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight, but he didn’t see anything unusual.
  • Then Miller said he read Story his Miranda rights and began questioning him again and in more detail about that day.
  • “Eventually he told us he had been up there with the victim and they had got into a struggle and he shot him,” Miller testified. According to the statement Miller said he took, Story said he’d gotten up early on June 1 and texted Connelly or Parker “about getting some blow.”
  • Miller explained that “blow” was a reference to cocaine. Story’s statement went on to say he went to Parker’s Peachtree Street residence, but no one came to the door. He was able to reach Parker by phone and they met at a nearby gas station. When they met, Story told Miller that a man with dreadlocks was “playing on his phone” trying to find the drugs while Connelly “was rolling a blunt.”
  • Someone in a silver SUV pulled up, according to the statement, and the occupant asked for $150, which Story handed over. But the man never returned with any drugs, so he went home “and steamed about it.” After he had calmed down, Story went back out to find Parker or Connelly so he could find the man with dreadlocks.
  • “I just wanted the money back at that point,” Miller said while reading from Story’s statement. Story and Connelly drove around town but never found Parker or the other man, so they headed toward Dry Creek. Story told Miller that Connelly asked him to stop so he could urinate, and later Story stopped at the ATV parking lot so he could urinate as well.
  • “Chris asked to pull across the road and he started walking up the trail,” Miller said. Connelly told Story he was going to urinate, and Story lit a cigarette and began walking toward Connelly.
  • “Chris came at me from behind and we went to the ground and I could feel him reach for my gun. I fought him off and got it out. He kept coming at me and wouldn't stop. I was trying to get back to the truck. Chris was grabbing at his waist trying to pull up his pants. He caught back up to me and was wrestling near the truck. I had the gun in my right hand and it went off. I panicked and took off when I saw blood.”
  • After Story went home, he “was freaking out.” The next day he washed the clothes from the previous day because they were covered with mud.

Story remains jailed on a $100,000 bond. His first appearance in Criminal Court is in October.


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