Mad B will teach you how to crack an egg and master French cooking

John Thompson • Updated Aug 25, 2019 at 8:02 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Mad B is here to help the foodie seeking inspiration more personal than that offered by the Food Network.

Mad B is also here to help those want to learn the basics of cooking tasty and nutritious meals.

And Mad B Is also here to encourage and support children who have an interest in a career in acting and in the theater.

While cooking and theater might sound like quite different teaching topics, Anne Gorman, one of the founders of Mad B, a new Elizabethton business, explains the mission is to meet “the creative aspects of our souls.”

According to its website, Mad B seeks to create immersive theatrical and culinary experiences for all sorts of people, adults to children and those with special needs in the Tri-Cities.

“No other business offers the hands-on approach and variety of classes that we bring to the table,” said Gorman, executive chef for Mad B. “We will treat you with an unforgettable experience with lots of incredible flavors, with new classes every month.”

The business at 415 Hudson Drive in Elizabethton got its start on Aug. 15, and is just 10 minutes from downtown Johnson City.

The name of the new business comes from the names of the four founders: James Marin, Anne Gorman, David Hyde, and Tia Beco

Gorman’s life experiences also emphasize the dual role of the new business. She developed a love of the theater as a teen and she also studied bakery and pastries. She has had extensive work experience baking and catering. She said the other founders also have extensive work experience, with Hyde working as a chef, Marin working in the theater, and Beco working in public relations.

Gorman said the cooking classes offers a wide range of instruction, from basic how-to-cook classes to new inspiration and techniques for foodies. There are also specialty classes, including meals for two for empty nesters who are learning how to downsize after their hungry teens have finally fledged.

The Learning the Basics courses are designed to teach beginners the right way to do the basics, such as kitchen set-up, various vegetable cuts, classic cooking methods, knife skills, learning to use equipment and tools, as well as how to properly crack an egg.

Some of the most popular classes might be the Date Night courses, which have a wide variety of themes. For instance, this Friday there will be a class on Tour de France, described as a tour of Julia Child’s France and using recipes from her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” On the menu will be French onion soup, boeuf Bourguignon, pommes Aigot, and creme brûlée.

But there are plenty of local favorites on other nights: Good Ole Southern Favorites and Basics of Smoking both offered this Saturday.

There is even a course that combines those two favorites, Monday Night Football and concession treats.

The classes start on Monday, Sept. 9, and will carry on through the regular season to Week 16. In addition to watching the games, there will also be a popular dish from the home stadium that will be created in the Mad B kitchens. Those classes are $25 each night, with the option of buying a season pass for $299.

Gorman said the other part of Mad B is the Mad B Theatre for Kids. The next classes are Introduction to Theater on Sunday, Sept. 1, and Sunday, Sept. 8, from 1-4 p.m. each day.

According to the website the introductory course will help students develop their acting potential and sharpen their skills in interpreting scripts through individual and group exercises, improvisations, monologues and scene studies. Previous theater study is not required.

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