Jerry Peters dominates annual Peters Hollow Egg Fight, even though he did not attend

John Thompson • Apr 21, 2019 at 9:45 PM

ELIZABETHTON — For the second year in a row the Peters Hollow Egg Fight was dominated by a single family. Last year it was the Colbaugh Family, in which Gloria finished first; her daughter, Hanna, finished second; and Gloria’s husband, Dale, finished third.

This year, it was the Jerry Peters Family. Jerry has been a dominant participant in the Egg Fight since 1963 and has raised a string of hens known for laying eggs with hard shells. He and his family have used those hard shells in the past to win 50 championships in both the adult and the children’s divisions. Even though Jerry was unable to attend this year because of illness, those hard eggshells allowed his family to claim the top four places in this year’s contest.

Jerry’s granddaughter, Laura Baird, won the contest. She defeated her bother, Matthew Peters, who finished second. Laura’s dad, Jeff Peters, finished third, and her husband, Matthew Baird, finished fourth.

Laura said this was the first time she has ever won the adult competition.

Even though he was not a participant this year, Jerry Peters certainly dominated the contest the way he has many times in the past: by supplying his family members with the hardest eggs in a contest that crowns the participant who still has eggs that have not been cracked in competition. Jerry has raised the Araucana breed of chicken, native to Chile. The breed not only lays hard eggs, but also eggs in pastel blues and greens that do not need to be dyed. The eggs are not only hard, but Jerry’s variety also has a tiny bump right on the lower point of the eggs, making them act like a battering ram against other eggs.

Jerry’s eggs not only provided the winning ammunition for his granddaughter, but also for Seth Henry, a persistent champion at the venerable age of 11. He claimed this year’s championship in the 7-12-year-old division.

Jerry has passed on the responsibility to raising his Araucana hens to Jeff. Jeff said he is proud to cary on his father’s tradition.

But not everyone who raises their own laying hens has such success. Jamie Peters has been raising laying hens for several years and has never come close to a championship. He said his hens quit laying a short time before this year’s contest, forcing him to buy eggs at the grocery store. Even so, Jamie finished 17th, which was an improvement. “I may introduce those hens to my skillet if they don’t start laying harder eggs,” he said.

While Jerry Peters dominated the adult competition, there was plenty of variety in the children’s contests.

In the toddler competition (newborns to 3 years old), Avery Edwards, 2, won the championship. Yaznelix Rosario, 2, was second. In the children’s contest (4 through 6), Aubrey Collins, 6, was the winner. Ruben Rosario, 4, was second. In the junior contest (age 7-12), Seth Henry was the winner and Logan Collins was second.

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