Colbaugh preparing to defend her egg fight title this Sunday

John Thompson • Apr 16, 2019 at 10:13 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Meet Gloria Colbaugh, the reigning champion of the Peters Hollow Egg Fight.

The egg fight has been fought every year since the Easter of 1823, so Colbaugh has joined a long list of champions that stretches back 196 years. But she also has joined some outstanding champions from the Colbaugh family.

Colbaugh said her daughter, Hannah, has won children and adult contests six time. Not only that, she won the adult contest two years in a row.

Then there is Colbaugh’s granddaughter, Libby Ensor, who is only 3 years old and has won the youngest division twice. With all that family tradition behind her, Colbaugh said she was pleased to win the contest last year. Especially since Gloria’s husband, Dale, and Hannah took third and second places.

With her title defense coming up Sunday afternoon in Norman Peters’ back yard at 347 Peters Hollow Road, Colbaugh is preparing not only her own eggs, but also the weapons the rest of her family will wield on Easter. It seemed an appropriate time to ask Colbaugh five questions about her family’s successes.

Have you been participating in the egg fights all your life?

“No, I never even heard of the egg fight as a child. We really didn’t start until my daughter Amy participated as a girl.”

It must take a lot of work to get the entire family ready to fight. Where do you get your eggs and how long does it take to get them ready?

Colbaugh said that the place where she gets her eggs is top secret information. “It is a good egg provider.”

“It is also a secret how I fix them,” Colbaugh said. She said it takes her about six hours to prepare the 40-dozen eggs her family will use in the competition. She does not dye the eggs.

How did it feel to finally win?

“It was great, especially after all the times that Hannah has won, especially three times as an adult, and Libby winning the first two years of her life. It was especially great since Dale finished third and Hannah finished second. When we started competing, no one worried about us. Now, no one wants to sit next to us.”

Are you looking forward to equaling Hannah’s record of two in a row?

“I am sure going to try, but Dale really wants to win one, he finished third last year and Hannah finished second.”

What if it comes down to you and Dale as the last two with untracked eggs?

“Well, I will probably have to put my eggs in the box and say that I am out.”

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