Daisy Duke celebrates her first birthday with plenty of activity

Joe Avento • Oct 7, 2018 at 4:30 AM

We celebrated Daisy Duke’s first birthday this week with all the pomp and circumstance you might expect. There were party hats, cupcakes and other dogs.

There was also plenty of action. A bloodhound puppy will make sure there’s always plenty of action.

It’s tough to believe Daisy has turned a year old. We haven’t had her the whole time. She joined our pack in March when she was a mere five months old.

In the seven months since she became part of our family, she’s packed in about seven years of activity. That’s because she never stops, rarely even slows down — even for a picture on her birthday. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on her.

She did manage a run-by attack on her cupcake, but once the blue icing was licked off the table, she was off to the races again.

Other than getting to snarf down their treats, Daisy Duke’s brother Bones and sisters Fern and Piper didn’t seem too impressed with the celebration. They reluctantly posed for pictures wearing birthday hats because they could see the cupcakes being dangled as bait.

Maybe they were a little jealous because they’ve never had a party since we don’t know their birthdays.

Once the cupcakes were gone, so was their patience.

And patience is a key word. Like many breeds, bloodhounds are stubborn, smart, destructive and very active while puppies.

They say bloodhounds remain puppies for two years or so, and so far, Daisy Duke has been every bit a puppy — when she’s not imitating Godzilla and treating our home like it’s Tokyo. When she romps through the house, she has an amazing ability to find anything loose — a shoe, a sock, a towel. And if it’s loose, she considers it her duty to pick it up, get it slobbery and run around with it. Just to let us know it was loose.

Lesson learned. Don’t leave anything loose unless you want to suffer the consequences, and the consequences can be even worse if you don’t know she got ahold of something. Bloodhounds will chew and eat anything they can fit into their mouths.

She hasn’t had a chance to eat the couch, but only because she’s never been left alone with a chance to do it.

The energy makes her a really fun pup when channeled properly. The yard that we had fenced in when she arrived has become her playground. The other dogs like the yard, but she needs it. She thrives in it.

For a bloodhound, she’s very athletic., running and jumping every chance she gets.

Daisy Duke can jump to catch a football, but be careful when throwing it to her. She doesn’t like to wait and the hit this 80-pound monster can put on you is undoubtedly illegal in the NFL by now.

Imagine a fierce NFL pass rusher with teeth.

She can also knock down a soccer ball like a goalie and try to catch a Frisbee. We attempted golf, but instead of fetching the ball, she was more interested in trying to bite the club.

You might recall the stereotype of the lazy hound, the one who sleeps on the porch during the heat of the day. We have a couple of lazy hounds, but Daisy Duke definitely isn’t one of them.

We’re hoping someday, maybe after her second birthday next October, she’ll settle down and lounge around with the other dogs.

Until then, we’ll continue to chase, run and play. And make sure nothing is loose around the house.

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