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Can you name the year when all 19 newspaper items below happened?

Bob Cox • Jan 13, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Today’s column is a quiz to see if you can identify in which year all of the 19 items below appeared in the Johnson City Press-Chronicle newspaper. The answer is revealed in the last paragraph. I will narrow the choices to 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971 and 1976. Read on and take a trip down East Tennessee’s memory lane: 1. The Joe Pyne Show was heard daily from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. over Erwin’s radio station WEMB-AM 1420. Pyne pioneered the confrontational talk show format with his nationally syndicated show that was carried by 250 radio stations at its peak. 2. A commercial-free 3.5-hour video program was beamed coast-to-coast as the National Educational Television network opened for what they believed would be a window on the future. The broadcast centered around and included President Johnson’s State of the Union address to Congress. 3. WJCW-AM 910 displayed its NAB Radio Code seal of the National Association of Broadcasters (see column photo).4. The movie, “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines,” was playing at the Majestic. Their rotary phone number (a definite improvement to “number please”) was WA 8-5761.5. There were nine soap operas on television that year: “Days of Our Lives,” “Doctors,” “Love of Life,” “Another World,” “General Hospital,” “Edge of Night,” “Search for Tomorrow,” “Guiding Light” and “Secret Storm.”6. The United Press International produced its first Random House News Annual, said to be the most comprehensive annual news publication ever issued. It was comprised of 500 photographs, 320 pages and 100,000 words, selling for $5 at bookstores, $2.45 through the mail.7. An advertisement for WETB-AM 790 had the largest news staff in the Tri-Cities area plus broadcasts of MBS (Mutual Broadcasting System) Network News. Reports were aired on the hour and half-hour.8. Green Acres was on CBS television at 9 p.m. Oliver (Eddie Albert) was selected to judge the apple competition at the annual Hooterville Fair, mistakenly thinking he had been appointed to the Circuit Court. 9. The Bonnie Kate Theatre in Elizabethton presented “Zorba the Greek,” a winner of three academy awards. It starred Anthony Quinn in the lead role.10. The Olde West Dinner Theatre, once located on the road leading from the old Kingsport Highway to the Tri-Cities Airport, featured a 1954-55 Broadway play titled “Tender Trap” that dealt with the “game of romance.” A gourmet meal was included in the ticket price. 11. Young’s Supply Company, located on Lamont at Boone, advertised a Motorola 21-inch table model color television set for $439.12. Popular television westerns were “Wells Fargo,” “Lawman,” “The Rifleman,” “The Virginian” and “Cheyenne.”13. Peerless Steak House, “Where Good Foods Taste Better,” promised the best in steaks and Grecian salads.14. Katherine Willis had a local cooking show on WJHL, Channel 11 at 1:05 p.m. each weekday.15. The Capitol Theatre in Erwin offered the movie “The Restless Ones,” which probed inside the bright, turbulent world of today’s youth. It contained a special screen appearance by Billy Graham. Admission price was $1. 16. ABC offered the dramatic TV anthology, “Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater,” which had a four-year run. Every program involved Hope in some capacity, whether in person or behind the scenes. The show most remembered was the Christmas one filmed before an audience of homesick G.I.s in Vietnam. 17. Cole (Rexall) Drug Store placed an ad to rent their Blue Lustre electric carpet cleaning “shampoorer” for $1.18. The city extended an invitation for bids for the construction of a drainage channel through the Housing Authority. Submissions could be sent to the Keystone Community Building at 901 Pardee St.19. And finally, a classified ad offered this appeal: “Will rent the 1904 W. Walnut Billiard Room that contains 4 billiard tables to any organization or group after 8 p.m., 7 days/week, from 2-4 hours for $4 an hour.” The answer to the quiz is the fourth one I mentioned in my first paragraph.Email Bob Cox at [email protected] or visit www.bcyesteryear.com.

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