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Musings of a New Year

Bonnie Simmerman • Feb 11, 2018 at 8:15 AM

I used to think that January was such a boring month that seemed to drag along. However, as I get older, the months seem to fly by. When you get Christmas put away and get last year's receipts, bank statements, and credit card statements organized for your income tax, the month is over and we are into February.

We have already had Groundhog Day where we were told there would be six more weeks of winter. I have always wondered why we put so much time in that when we know that spring doesn't begin for six more weeks anyway.

During January and the first part of February we have had some very cold wintry weather as well as up and down temperatures. I have heard so many people say, "This is the worse weather I can remember." It makes me wonder-do they not remember how we had 22 degrees below zero not so many years ago? Or do they not remember the ice storm in '82 or '83?

How quickly we forget winters past as we hope for good weather today. At least we are not in California where the mud slides and forest fires were so terrible. And thank goodness we are not in Russia where it has been eighty-eight degrees below zero. We live in a pretty good place after all.

With February here, our thoughts turn to Valentine's Day. I like this holiday because I got engaged to be married on Valentine's Day and it brings many pleasant memories. That was fifty-six years ago! Lately I have heard several friends tell of their long marriages and how thankful they are for the years they have had together. One couple had been married for sixty years. One other one told of their sixty-five years. Another couple is in their nineties and still care for each other daily. It seems like love still abounds. I wonder how many of the younger generation will be able to celebrate their marriages for fifty or sixty years.

Over these first weeks in 2018, we have witnessed an "almost" country shutdown, a new tax law enacted, scandals from almost every walk of life, firings and hirings, much ado about emails and memos, and media wars from every corner. Whom should we listen to and whom can we believe?

It is certain we can't do anything about the weather and we can all celebrate Valentin's Day any way we wish. If you don't have last year's records for income tax time in order you can start now. We can all appreciate the wonderful place we have to live. If the current events are getting you down, listen to some great music, find an enjoyable book to read, do something good for others, and think positively. Also, you can watch the winter Olympics and cheer for the United States of America. Have a great 2018!

Bonnie Simmerman of Jonesborough is a retired elementary school teacher. She can be reached at [email protected]

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