Animal shelter to have a yard sale fundraiser and adoption event Saturday

Hannah Swayze • Apr 11, 2019 at 8:53 AM

The Johnson City/Washington County Animal Shelter will have a yard sale fundraiser this weekend followed by an adoption event at the shelter.

The garage sale begins at 8 a.m. and will continue until the shelter opens at 1 p.m. During shelter hours, adoption fees will be lowered to $35 for fixed dogs over 6 months old and $15 for all cats.

All items at the yard sale were donated by the public and all money made will go to the shelter as it prepares for kitten season.

Kitten season is the summer months where the shelter experiences an influx of cats and kittens in the shelter. Shelter Director Tammy Davis said that in May-August, the shelter will take in an average of 400 cats and kittens each month. 

Davis has taken steps this year to cut down on the number of cats brought into the shelter with a program called Beat The Heat, where cat owners may bring in their pets to be spayed or neutered for low cost. She said the program was very successful; the shelter assisted in the spaying/neutering of 190 females and 120 males. 

“The whole purpose is to stop the cycle and fix, especially outside cats,” said Davis.

Davis said people don’t realize that pretty soon after giving birth, a cat can be can be impregnated again. Plus, in 5 months, those kittens can be impregnated with a littler of kittens. A cat can have up to 12 kittens a year. 

Even though the program is over, Davis said the shelter is always helping community members afford to spay or neuter their cats. 

“If people have outside cats or stray cats that have shown up that they want to keep, if those cats are not fixed, they can contact us here at the shelter and we will be able to help them make the spay or neuter as affordable as possible,” said Davis. 

Davis said the best way to inquire about the affordable procedure is to come by the shelter, since they have limited phone lines and calling isn’t always the best way to get through. 

“We will find a way to make it affordable for them,” said Davis. 

For those who don’t have a cat or don’t know if they want one long term, or just want to volunteer, the shelter is always looking for homes to foster kittens. Fosters are very important to the shelter, especially during kitten season, because it keeps the young kittens out of the shelter and leaves room for new cats. 

“We depend a lot on the community’s donations. ... There are several volunteer opportunities, and all of those can make a huge difference in the lives of the animals that are here,” said Davis.

The Johnson City/Washington County Animal Shelter is located at 3411 N Roan St, Johnson City. It is open daily from 1-6 p.m., except on Wednesdays, when it is closed. 

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