Jonesborough First Baptist is site of blanket distribution, other needs giveaways before this weeks cold snap

John Thompson • Jan 27, 2019 at 12:24 AM

With some of the coldest weather of the year forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, several Christian groups gathered at First Baptist Church in Jonesborough Saturday to take care of those in need of warm blanket and more.

Chad Williams said the first “Blanket Appalachia Missions Day” drew several separate and independent groups together to help those in need through different ways. He said each tries to impart the message that there is hope, even in hardship, and that there are groups who want to help them.

First Baptist Church and pastor Lester Morelock were hosts for the independent groups that provided help and encouragement. Among the organizations and the items given away were: blankets and Bibles from Blanket Appalachia; personal bags containing hygiene items from Blessing Bag Ministries; food boxes from the Lord’s Harvest for the Hungry Ministry; and Opie’s Pizza, featuring brick oven pizza from Chad Blackburn.

The blankets will be a tremendous help this week. The items from Blessing Bag Ministries allow those going through traumatic times to have some of their basic needs met. Each bag also contains a Gospel tract. The food boxes are filled with staples like cereal and potatoes that will last a while.

All of the organizations concentrate on both the physical and spiritual needs of those they help. And another new group may join the effort: the pastor’s brother, Johnny Morelock, has established Joy and Recovery.

Thanks to all these people, the coming cold snap will be more bearable for those in need, but the workers hope and pray that for some, it could lead to a life changing event.

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