Salvation Army and Little Caesars team up to provide over 200 meals to city's seniors

Brandon Paykamian • Jul 19, 2018 at 9:03 AM

Over the course of this week, Little Caesars aimed to serve over 1,000 needy folks throughout the Tri-Cities looking for a free, hot meal. 

After visiting Kingsport’s Salvation Army Monday and the Kitchen of Hope on Tuesday, the Little Caesars Love Kitchen visited Johnson City’s Salvation Army Senior Program to provide pizza for over 200 seniors who visit the center on West Walnut Street every Wednesday.

For many seniors living on fixed incomes, food insecurity can sometimes be an issue, according to Salvation Army Capt. Michael Cox.

“They all mostly have homes; they all have places to go to,” he said. “But most of them are on limited incomes, and their incomes only stretch so far, so this is a guaranteed meal.

“When they come here, they know they’re going to get a warm meal that will carry them over. They don’t have to worry about what their finances will cover at that moment.”

Cox said he appreciates the help of community members and private businesses who assist the center’s charity work, which he said is vital in helping “give them a free meal so they can make it to the next one.” 

“We can’t thank the community enough for helping us make this type of thing possible,” he said. 

Little Caesars District Manager Dustin Williams said the company’s work in helping feed the homeless and those on the brink of food insecurity has been an important way for he and others with the Love Kitchen to serve the community since first being established in 1985. 

“I think it’s absolutely vital just to support the community we serve and that serves us — that comes in our stores and helps us. It’s just a way that Little Caesars can give back,” he said. “It’s always a pleasure to be a part of this.” 

On Thursday, the Love Kitchen will visit the Haven of Mercy before heading to the Salvation Army in Bristol, Tennessee. 

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