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Jessica Fuller • Dec 23, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Three months ago, employees at Mitch Cox Companies partnered with Good Samaritan Ministries to prepare breakfast for the homeless in Johnson City.

Good Samaritan’s Our Daily Bread program works to provide breakfast to the homeless five days a week at the Melting Pot in the basement of Munsey Memorial Methodist Church. In October, Mitch Cox Companies jumped on board to take the helm every third Thursday of the month.

Sharyon Mckinney, residential community association manager for Mitch Cox Companies, is also a member of the company’s ministry team, which provides the volunteers and supplies needed to cook a full breakfast meal once a month.

“Whether there’s 30 people or 100 people, there’s a definite need for folks to have a warm meal and that’s a mission we want to fill,” Mckinney said.

For Mckinney and the others, preparation for the meal begins at 7 a.m., and the volunteers are back to work by 9:30 that morning. While there are a few employees who have helped with every meal, generally a few rotating volunteers make up a team of about seven every month to buy supplies and prepare and serve a breakfast meal.

She added that the company’s ministry team has previously been involved with charities like Christmas boxes and food drives, and intend to move forward with the Our Daily Bread program and serve breakfast once a month.

Good Samaritan Ministries Executive Director Aaron Murphy said that while churches frequently get involved with these types of programs, it’s not as common to see businesses involved, so he said he was delighted when Mitch Cox Companies employees contacted him about volunteering for the program.

“They have been a tremendous help and blessing to not only Good Samaritan Ministries, but the community at large period,” Murphy said. “To have a business who cares about the community and to partner with the efforts to serve the community is priceless. They donate their time and resources, and we’re seeing a community benefit. It’s just a great thing.”

Murphy said he’d like to see other businesses get involved as the program moves forward, either by sending volunteers or by donating supplies or money to keep it going forward. He added that the need is pretty consistent throughout the year.

“It’s probably anywhere $500 to $800 to sponsor a meal for a couple hundred people,” Murphy said. “We are very thankful to businesses that organizations like Mitch Cox who have answered the call to serve to be a blessing.”

Mckinney said that coming up with a plan to volunteer is easy and she’d be willing to walk any interested participants through the process. Anyone interested in more information on Good Samaritan Ministries, Our Daily Bread or any other of its projects or ministries can email Murphy at [email protected]


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