Pet boutique coming to downtown Jonesborough

Jonathan Roberts • May 10, 2020 at 7:27 PM

A new store is coming to downtown Jonesborough — one for people, and for pets.

Tennessee Tails Pet Boutique, 111 E. Main St., will officially open Memorial Day weekend, though shop owner Gabe Eveland said they’ll do a soft opening on Friday. The new boutique will fill the space vacated by Hands Around the World earlier this year, and will focus on items for dogs and cats.

“It became a reality, really, in February when the prior tenant of that space was moving out,” Eveland said. “I was in the space — I’ve always thought it was a great space, truthfully — and I was roaming around thinking: ‘What could Jonesborough use in the downtown area?’

“And it was about that time I turned around, looked out the window and saw three or four dogs walking down the sidewalk of Jonesborough and it hit me that we needed a pet boutique in Jonesborough,” Eveland added.

The store will “absolutely” be pet-friendly if you want to bring your pet inside, and will sell “all the accessories you could need” for your pet, as well as food and treats that “really support your pet’s long-term health.” Grooming service will also be coming to the space “down the road,” with Eveland hoping to start over the summer.

“It’s such a dog-friendly town, and that’s really what drew the idea and where it all kind of started,” said Eveland, who also owns Gabriel’s Christmas in downtown Jonesborough. “It’s fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for a better situation in opening a second business.”

Eveland said he and his team were initially planning to open the first week of April, but had to delay it because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The reality is that it has impacted us,” Eveland said. “It’s definitely altered our plans because we were planning to open a month ago at the beginning of April.”

Eveland noted they could have opened and operated throughout the pandemic as an essential business, but decided to wait out of concern for the health and safety of the community and his employees. Gabriel’s Christmas has also been closed over this time, and won’t reopen until the weekend.

Despite the delay, Eveland said people are excited for the shop to open its doors.

“It’s been really, incredibly positive and incredibly encouraging to see some of the support and feedback,” Eveland said. “There’s a lot of emotion around it, truthfully.

“The community, really, has just been so welcoming, and when they found out we were opening up a second location, the excitement has just been so humbling for us and just has made us realize that this is the community we want to be in and continue to support,” Eveland added.

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