BriightRidge rolls out its broadband prices

Robert Houk • Mar 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM

BrightRidge officials have released the pricing plan for the public utility’s new broadband services.

Those charges begin at $49.99 a month for its Fiber Advantage product, which will offer a 200Mb/200Mb symmetrical residential product.

The utility will also offer:

• A Performance Internet service at $79.99 monthly for a symmetrical 1Gb/1Gb product. The utility says its closest advertised competitor has a service at 2Gb/25Mb that is offered at more than twice the BrightRidge price.

• Its headline service, Broadband Elite, with bandwidth of 10Gb/10Gb. This service makes this region one of only a handful of communities in the nation with 10Gb service available to residential customers.

• A Broadband Elite service for $299.99 a month. The service is designed for the most data intensive broadband users.

• An $18.99 monthly voice-over-internet phone service to fiber customers, as well as a $14.99 monthly managed Wi-fi and streaming video support package.

Stacy Evans, the utility’s chief broadband officer, said in a news release Friday that BrightRidge will provide “superior data rates at below market prices with no data caps, all backed by local customer service and support.”

Evans said BrightRidge should be connecting its first fiber customers in April.

With speeds of up to 10 gigabits, BrightRidge is expected to reach 32,000 potential customers during the first three years of the plan. BrightRidge, which launched its broadband division in September, has a $7.3 million capital budget that is now concentrating on building the infrastructure it will need to provide broadband internet via fiber and wireless technology as part of an eight-year business plan.

BrightRidge CEO Jeff Dykes said the first phase of its $64 million broadband plan will connect 3,847 homes and 373 businesses in Johnson City. That deployment will be bounded on the north by the intersection of North Roan Street and Interstate Highway 26.

The western-most deployment in the first year is bounded by North Roan Street/John Exum Parkway, by I-26 to the east and University Parkway in the south.

Broadband fiber is also being offered in Jonesborough, which will provide services to about 105 residential customers and 50 businesses in the first year.

More information on BrightRidge’s broadband services and prices can be found online at BrightRidge.com, or by calling 952-5000.

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