Snyder taking life in stride in North Carolina

Douglas Fritz • Apr 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Life may be isolating Bobby Snyder these days, but it hasn’t changed his trademark sunny disposition.

The former Daniel Boone basketball coach, who had a legendary career with the Trailblazers, is still the same Coach Snyder he was during his days on the bench. And he said he would love to hear from anybody who wants to touch base or just say hello.

With the vast amount of lives Snyder reached through the years, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a few folks who could take a minute to write a note and mail it. Snyder lives in Monroe, North Carolina, in an assisted living facility. Mail can be addressed to:

The Addison at Indian Trail

c/o Bobby Snyder

5306 Secrest Shortcut Road

Monroe, NC 28110

The 83-year-old Snyder is keeping a positive attitude, and said he feels the folks at the facility are doing more than he deserves.

“They treat me like I’m the king of the place,” said Snyder with a laugh. “I try my best to be very good to everybody.”

Snyder said the facility is doing well despite the way COVID-19 has attacked many such places across the country.

“There are just 30-some people living here,” said Snyder. “They have not had the first case of coronavirus.”

Part of the reason for the good report is likely the restrictions the facility has put in place.

“We’re not allowed to go into the cafeteria and eat together,” Snyder said. “They bring the food to our rooms.”

Also, Snyder is unable to see his family face to face at this time.

“Bobby and Lance and family come by quite often,” said Snyder. “For a while I could raise the window and leave the blinds down and talk to them that way. Now we can’t do that.”

Snyder, however, has used the Internet to bridge the gap.

“I got to talk to all of the family at the same time,” he said. “We did that for about 30-40 minutes the other day.”

Overall, Snyder said he’s doing well physically.

“Other than two worn-out knees from not quitting playing basketball early enough,” he said. “I think I played my last game — it was coaches and teachers versus the students — when I was 68 years old. I’m paying for it now. But you know what? The good Lord has blessed me like nothing else. I’m not kidding you.”

Among his coaching accomplishments were 835 victories, a 66-game conference winning streak, three straight region titles, and a Class AA state tournament appearance in 1999. Snyder coached basketball for 45 years and baseball for 11.

“The good Lord took care of me,” Snyder said. “There’s no question about that.”

Like most people, Snyder said he’s ready to watch something other than sports replays.

“UCLA was my favorite team, and Duke is now,” he said. “But I’m not crazy about watching replays of those games anymore.”

Snyder, whose wife passed away in 2017, moved to North Carolina to be closer to his sons.

“I get along good,” he said. “I get a lot of calls from back home.”

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