NET girls stats: East's Grubb leads in free throws

Douglas Fritz • Feb 7, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Sullivan East’s Hayley Grubb leads the way at the charity stripe.

The Lady Patriots’ standout is hitting 79.1 percent on free throws. The fourth release of the Northeast Tennessee statistical leaders for girls’ basketball adds the top free throw percentages.

Here is a look at this week’s list, through games of Feb 4.



Player, team Avg
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 20.3
Christen Sholes, Providence Acad. 16.4
Taylor Cox, Johnson County 16.3
Abbey Crawford, Sullivan Central 15.0
Alasia Smith, Science Hill 13.9

Others with 10.0 or better

Hayley Grubb, Sullivan East 13.5

Caroline Podvin, Unicoi County 13.4

Tenley Holt, Unicoi County 13.2

Sadie Stout, Johnson County 12.1

Jenna Hare, Sullivan East 11.9

Shayln Whitson, Happy Valley 11.8

Aliyah Crawley, Volunteer 11.5

Alex Harris, Sullivan South 11.5

Kijanae Marion, Science Hill 11.3

Jabrea Johnson, Dobyns-Bennett 11.0

Macy McClellan, Sullivan Central 11.0

Kaitlin Bailey, Elizabethton 11.0

Ashtan Vance, Unicoi County 10.8

Kenady Knittel, Volunteer 10.5

Halle Scott, David Crockett 10.3

Morgan Headrick, Elizabethton 10.3

Emma Gouge, David Crockett 10.2

Jasmine Birchfield, Cloudland 10.0

Gracie Freeman, Cloudlan 10.0

Hannah Collins, Hampton 10.0

Hazen Brumitt, Hampton 10.0


Player, team Avg.
Tori Ryan, Tennessee High 9.8
Emily Miller, Johnson County 9.2
Alasia Smith, Science Hill 8.6
Taylor Parsons, Johnson County 8.4
Jenna Hare, Sullivan East 8.3

Others with 5.0 or better

Abbey Crawford, Sullivan Central 8.2

Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 7.5

Kenzie Nickels, Tennessee High 7.3

Mackenzie Baldwin, David Crockett 7.1

Hayley Grubb, Sullivan East 7.0

Ashley Nunley, Sullivan East 6.7

Kaylen Shell, Elizabethton 6.7

Shayln Whitson, Happy Valley 6.5

Caroline Podvin, Unicoi County 6.5

Mary McAllister, Providence Acad. 6.3

Jasmine Birchfield, Cloudland 6.0

Hazen Brumitt, Hampton 6.0

Morgan Headrick, Elizabethton 5.7

Jaelyn West, Sullivan Central 5.7

Samantha Tilson, Cherokee 5.5

Caitlyn Wallace, Dobyns-Bennett 5.4

Jabrea Johnson, Dobyns-Bennett 5.3

Destiny Jarnigan, Cherokee 5.2

Nicole Troutman, Sullivan South 5.0

Hannah Collins, Hampton 5.0


Player, team Avg.
Riley Nelson, Sullivan East 5.1
Peyton Sams, Sullivan Central 5.1
McKenzie Littleton, Sullivan South 5.0
Atlee Dean, Volunteer 5.0
Natalie Winters, Johnson County 4.7

Others with 3.0 or better

Jasmine Birchfield, Cloudland 4.5

Jeila Greenlee, Science Hill 3.1

Emilee Lane, Dobyns-Bennett 3.0

Madi McClain, Hampton 3.0

Kaitlin Bailey, Elizabethton 3.0


Player, team Avg.
Christen Sholes, Providence Acad. 3.3
Emma Aubrey, Sullivan East 2.6
Erin Egerbrecht, Science Hill 2.4
Avery Leming, Sullivan Central 2.0
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 1.7
Megan Ayers, Dobyns-Bennett 1.7

Others with 1.0 or better

Sadie Stout, Johnson County 1.6

Megan Ayers, Dobyns-Bennett 1.7

Kenzie Birchfield, Cloudland 1.5

Elle Francis, Dobyns-Bennett 1.4

Destiny Jarnigan, Cherokee 1.4

Kadie Bailey, Happy Valley 1.4

Hayley Grubb, Sullivan East 1.3

Taylor Cox, Johnson County 1.3

Gracie Freeman, Cloudland 1.3

Jenna Hare, Sullivan East 1.3

Jeila Greenlee, Science Hill 1.3

Annie Hayes, Tennessee High 1.2

Peyton Sams, Sullivan Central 1.0


Player, team Avg.
Alasia Smith, Science Hill 4.1
Katie Cross, Providence Aca. 3.5
Caroline Podvin, Unicoi County 3.4
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 3.4
Christen Sholes, Providence Aca. 3.4

Others with 2.0 or better

Jasmine Birchfield, Cloudland 3.0

Bridgett Heaton, Hampton 3.0

Ashtan Vance, Unicoi County 2.8

Olivia Absher, Happy Valley 2.9

Gracie Freeman, Cloudland 2.4

Callie Burchette, Providence Aca. 2.3

Hayley Grubb, Sullivan East 2.3

Peyton Sams, Sullivan Central 2.3

Mary McAllister, Providence Aca. 2.3

Rylie Fritts, Tennessee High 2.1

Jaden Potts, Dobyns-Bennett 2.0


Player, team Pct.
Hayley Grubb, Sullivan East 79.1
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 75.0
Hannah Collins, Hampton 75.0
Morgan Bringman, Sullivan East 73.8
Alasia Smith, Science Hill 71.3

Others with 70.0 or better

Destini Milhorn, Hampton 70.0

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