NET stats: Crockett's Wagner tops in steals

Douglas Fritz • Jan 31, 2020 at 12:00 PM

David Crockett’s Dawson Wagner has a nose for the ball.

The Pioneers’ sophomore guard is averaging four thefts per game to lead the area. The third release of the Northeast Tennessee statistical leaders for basketball includes 3-pointers made and steals.

Here is a look at this week’s list, through games of Jan. 28.


Player, team Avg.
Kaleb Meredith, University High 26.1
Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East 22.4
Lucas Phillips, Johnson County 22.2
Nico Ashley, Elizabethton 21.8
Will Sexton, Unaka 19.0
Ben Diamond, Sullivan South 18.8
Cole Layne, Sullivan South 18.5
Breiydon Gilliam, Cherokee 17.7
Abiah Releford, Dobyns-Bennett 17.5
Marshall Fleenor, University High 17.2
Brock Thompson, Unicoi County 17.2

Others with 10.0 or better:

Ryan Johnson, Unaka 16.0; Elijah Blair, Cloudland 15.9

Hunter Shell, Cloudland 14.9; Cade Norris, Daniel Boone 14.6; Blake Young, Happy Valley 14.3; Jared Atkins, Daniel Boone 14.4; Trey Williams, Sullivan North 14.2; Mason Broome, University High 14.1; Mack Hensley, David Crockett 14.0; Dawson Wagner, David Crockett 14.0; Jordan Bentley, Hampton 14.0

Michael Oxentine, Johnson County 13.8; Joltin Harrison, Sullivan Central 12.9; William Willocks, Elizabethton 12.5; Cole McBrayer, Tennessee High 12.4; Nolan Wishon, Tennessee High 12.3; Donta Hackler, David Crockett 12.0

Ethan Bradford, Sullivan East 11.7; Jake Roberts, Elizabethton 11.3; Andrew Knittel, Volunteer 11.2; Dylan Willis, Happy Valley 11.0

Brett Lingerfelt, Unicoi County 10.9; Mchale Bright, Tennessee High 10.6; Malachi Hale, Dobyns-Bennett 10.6; Gannon Chase, Sullivan South 10.4; Jake Matherne, Science Hill 10.4; Ty Barb, Sullivan Central 10.4; Christian Hill, Sullivan North 10.3; Jordan McLoyd, Science Hill 10.2; Blake Fauver, Tennessee High 10.1; Mason Montgomery, Sullivan East 10.0; Lucas Slagle, Unicoi County 10.0; Conner Birchfield, Cloudland 10.0; Mason Britton, David Crockett 10.0


Player, team


Nolan Wishon, Tennessee High 12.1
Lucas Slagle, Unicoi County 11.9
Michael Oxentine, Johnson County 8.8
Alex Lunceford, Happy Valley 8.0
Jake Matherne, Science Hill 7.5
Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East 7.0
Dylan Whitehead, Unaka 7.0
Blake Fauver, Tennessee High 7.0
Breiydon Gilliam, Cherokee 6.9
Mason Britton, David Crockett 6.6

Others with 5.0 or better

Christian Hill, Sullivan North 6.5; Kaleb Meredith, University High 6.4; Jahson Dennis, Dobyns-Bennett 6.2; Clayton Ivester, Sullivan East 6.1; Will Sexton, Unaka 6.0; Landon Babb, Happy Valley 6.0

Bentley Gilbert, Cloudland 5.9; Elijah Miller, Cloudland 5.8; Camden Necessary, Sullivan South 5.7; Zane Whitson, Dobyns-Bennett 5.6; Mack Hensley, David Crockett 5.5; Hunter Phillips, Science Hill 5.4; Gannon Chase, Sullivan South 5.3

James Harmon, Happy Valley 5.2; Donta Hackler, David Crockett 5.1; Cole Layne, Sullivan South 5.0; Mason Broome, University High 5.0; Hunter Shell, Cloudland 5.0; Caleb Oakes, Hampton 5.0; Austin Davis, Sullivan East 5.0


Player, team Avg.
Conner Birchfield, Cloudland 5.5
Will Sexton, Unaka 5.0
Connor Jones, Hampton 4.8
Will Tittle, Happy Valley 4.2
Trey Williams, Sullivan North 4.2
Ben Diamond, Sullivan South 4.0
Brock Thompson, Unicoi County 4.0

Others with 3.0 or better

Dawson Wagner, David Crockett 3.9; Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East 3.9; Bryant Herron, Sullivan North 3.8

Marshall Fleenor, University High 3.5; Braden Minton, Volunteer 3.5; Nolan Wishon, Tennessee High 3.3; Matthew Carter, University High 3.3; Mack Hensley, David Crockett 3.0


Player, team Avg.
Ryan Johnson, Unaka 4.1
Lucas Phillips, Johnson County 3.3
Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East 3.3
Ethan Bradford, Sullivan East 3.1
Joltin Harrison, Sullivan Central 2.8

Others with 1.0 or better

Abiah Releford, Dobyns-Bennett 2.7; Brock Thompson, Unicoi County 2.7; Mason Montgomery, Sullivan East 2.7; Brett Lingerfelt, Unicoi County 2.6; Hunter Shell, Cloudland 2.5

Mack Hensley, David Crockett 2.0; Avery Letcher, David Crockett 2.0; Mason Britton, David Crockett 2.0; Will Sexton, Unaka 2.0

Dylan Willis, Happy Valley 1.9; Robbie O’Dell, Unicoi County 1.8; Cooper Johnson, Sullivan South 1.8; Ben Diamond, Sullivan South 1.7; Isaiah Pruitt, Sullivan North 1.6; Cole Layne, Sullivan South 1.5; Andrew Knittel, Volunteer 1.4

Joseph Slagle, Unaka 1.2; Thomas Messimer, Science Hill 1.2; Andrew Clawson, Happy Valley 1.1; Brody Hunley, Volunteer 1.1; Eric Dunbar, David Crockett 1.0; Brady Stump, Dobyns-Bennett 1.0; Malachi Hale, Dobyns-Bennett 1.0; Trey Williams, Sullivan North 1.0; Bentley Gilbert, Cloudland 1.0; Hayden Shell, Cloudland 1.0; Keynan Cutlip, Science Hill 0.9


Player, team Avg.
Dawson Wagner, David Crockett 4.0
Clayton Cross, Johnson County 3.7
Bryant Herron, Sullivan North 2.8
Bentley Gilbert, Cloudland 2.4
Trey Williams, Sullivan North 2.2
Cooper Johnson, Sullivan South 2.2

Others with 2.0 or better

Cole Layne, Sullivan South 2.0; Mack Hensley, David Crockett 2.0; Mason Britton, David Crockett 2.0; Will Sexton, Unaka 2.0; Devin Ramsey, Unaka 2.0; Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East 2.0

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