D-B's McDavid trying to simulate missing games

Douglas Fritz • Mar 25, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Jackson McDavid should have had three Big Seven Conference pitching starts under his belt by now.

Instead, the Dobyns-Bennett senior baseball standout is seeking creative ways to keep his edge as the high school season remains on indefinite hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have tried to stay on a routine,” McDavid said. “I usually start on Mondays, so the last two Mondays I have done a simulated start. I’m trying to keep myself in season form, so I don’t get out of shape.”

As the number of postponed games builds up, area players are forced to think about things like this: What if there was little or no regular season and teams went cold into postseason play in early May? McDavid said he would be OK with that.

“I would definitely want to play postseason,” he said. “We have five seniors who started since we were sophomores. We had high expectations. Good things were ahead of us.”

And D-B might even have an edge over other teams.

“As long as you know your team has been working by themselves, you kind of feel you have an advantage,” McDavid said. “I feel most people aren’t working like our guys are.”

McDavid has been throwing at RBI Tri-Cities on Mondays and keeping the sessions as close to game-like as possible.

“I act like a batter is there, and I’m pitching like it is a game,” said McDavid, who even takes breaks to simulate inning changes.

McDavid said he’s staying on top of things.

“I’m in shape because I’m doing the same stuff as the season,” he said. “Mentally it’s a challenge. We are all kind of shook up. You don’t get to play, and it could have been your last game of the year. We worked all of our lives to play, and it has been taken away from us.

“I hope we get to play. I’m always hopeful. Realistically there is some chance we will get to play.”

Even if the season doesn’t resume, McDavid won’t turn away from baseball. He has signed to play collegiately at ETSU and plans to be involved with summer ball.

“I want to be in the best shape I can be to get ready to compete against those guys,” he said.

McDavid said he felt for his future East Tennessee State teammates, having their season ended with no hope of a restart.

“It sucks for them for sure,” he said. “It was the best start they had in a long time.”

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