NET stat leaders: Creech, Thurston tie for HR title

Douglas Fritz • Updated May 2, 2019 at 7:51 AM

There were a lot of standout statistical performances in high school baseball during the regular season.

Included in the mix was a tie for the home run title between Sullivan South’s Drew Creech and Dobyns-Bennett’s Derek Thurston, who belted six each. Sullivan East’s Perry Casaday was the RBI champion with 41 driven in.

Here’s a look at the top finishers in Northeast Tennessee for the 2019 regular season.


Drew Creech, Sullivan South 6
Derek Thurston, Dobyns-Bennett 6
Aaron Wills, Volunteer 5
Perry Casaday, Sullivan East 5
Cody Wheeley, David Crockett 5
Cade Larkins, David Crockett 5
Gavin Cross, Tennessee High 4


Perry Casaday, Sullivan East 41
Drew Creech, Sullivan South 38
Davis Hall, Tennessee High 38
Landon Slemp, Science Hill 34
Cade Elliot, Daniel Boone 33
Henry Borthwick, University High 33
Cole Presson, Tennessee High 32
Derek Thurston, Dobyns-Bennett 31
Colby Backus, Daniel Boone 31
Evan Perkins, Elizabethton 31

Others with 28 or more: Bryson Street, Unaka — 30; Matthew Dailey, Elizabethton — 29; Cole Layne, Sullivan South — 29; Chase Bowery, Sullivan South — 28; Jeffrey Leonard, Sullivan South — 28; Jackson Hill, Science Hill — 28; Michael Degennaro, University High — 28; C.J. Hess, Tennessee High — 28, Cody Wheeley, David Crockett — 28, Cade Larkins, David Crockett — 28

RUNS Total
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 37
C.J. Hess, Tennessee High 36
Gavin Cross, Tennessee High 36
Karson Dillard, Elizabethton 35
Brody Goodman, Daniel Boone 34
Bryson Rollins, Elizabethton 33
Cade McCoy, Science Hill 33
Caleb Marmo, Science Hill 33
Jeffrey Leonard, Sullivan South 33
Henry Borthwick, University High 31

Others with 30: Drew Creech, Sullivan South; Brant Hare, University High; Trent Price, Cherokee; Cody Wheeley, David Crockett; Cade Larkins, David Crockett

Caleb Marmo, Science Hill 24
Jacob Asher, Happy Valley 24
Tyler Depriest, Sullivan North 21
Brody Goodman, Daniel Boone 19
Karson Dillard, Elizabethton 19
Gavin Cross, Tennessee High 18
Evan Perkins, Elizabethton 18
Colby Backus, Daniel Boone 17
Bryson Rollins, Elizabethton 17
Ryan Morgan, Cherokee 16
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 16


Cade Elliot, Daniel Boone .506
Cade Larkins, David Crockett .467
Weston Throop, Johnson County .442
Austin Monds, Elizabethton .438
Davis Hall, Tennessee High .438
Dylan White, Sullivan East .438
Perry Casaday, Sullivan East .432
Evan Perkins, Elizabethton .429
Bryson Street, Unaka .429
Gavin Cross, Tennessee High .423

Others at .400 or better: Matthew Dailey, Elizabethton — .420; Michael Degennaro, University High — .409; Esau Byrd, University High — .408; Brody Goodman, Daniel Boone — 404; Landon Slemp, Science Hill — .402; Dylan Bartley, Sullivan East — .402

WINS Total
Braydon Wilhoit, Sullivan North 8
Matthew Dailey, Elizabethton 7
John Ramsey, Unaka 6
Landon Slemp, Science Hill 6
Hunter Dingus, Sullivan North 6
Jackson McDavid, Dobyns-Bennett 6
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 6
Cory Williams, Sullivan South 5
Drew Creech, Sullivan South 5
Kaleb Meredith, University High 5
Zach Anderson, Tennessee High 5


John Ramsey, Unaka 106
Brogan Beckner, Dobyns-Bennett 72
Peyton Whitson, Unicoi County 70
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 70
Braydon Wilhoit, Sullivan North 69
Brantley Ellis, Sullivan East 58
Matthew Dailey, Elizabethton 57
Cade Elliot, Daniel Boone 56
Michael Degennaro, University High 56
Hunter Adams, Daniel Boone 52
Kaleb Meredith, University High 50


Braydon Wilhoit, Sullivan North 0.720
John Ramsey, Unaka 0.865
Kaleb Meredith, University High 1.045
Michael Degennaro, University High 1.054
Cade Elliot, Daniel Boone 1.059
Hunter Dingus, Sullivan North 1.160
Hunter Adams, Daniel Boone 1.189
Jayden Joiner, Johnson County 1.200
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 1.204


Braydon Wilhoit, Sullivan North 0.91
Cade Elliot, Daniel Boone 1.24
Josh Owens, Hampton 1.40
John Ramsey, Unaka 1.48
Kaleb Meredith, University High 1.59
Landon Slemp, Science Hill 1.66
Hunter Dingus, Sullivan North 1.77
Brogan Beckner, Dobyns-Bennett 1.84
Matthew Dailey, Elizabethton 1.90
Evan Carter, Elizabethton 1.99
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