Gallery event aims to highlight artists of color in the community

Jonathan Roberts • Feb 26, 2020 at 7:25 PM

When Eric Inskip bought an old tattoo shop on Commerce Street, he knew he wanted to highlight local artists.

After all, his “unofficial mission” is to “promote the arts scene” and “help boost whatever growth is already gonna happen.”

But this month, he didn’t want to host a regular show at the AV Club Gallery — he wanted to make sure he highlighted artists of color.

I’d done a few shows and they weren’t very consistent,” Inskip said, “and I realized back in December or January that I’m getting to the point where I can start having a show every week, and I told myself February would be the first month and I thought: ‘I have to offer this to the black community first.’

“I just kind of went with it and that’s how February came to be,” he said.

This weekend’s show will be the fifth of the month, and Jason Flack, a prominent artist of color in the community, will have work on display Saturday night. Flack called the gallery an opportunity that “allows him to drop down into the underground scene with other creators.”

“It’s cool to be part of a culture that doesn’t always see the spotlight,” said Flack, who also said he’ll be showcasing some art he’s never shown in public before.

The show certainly fits the bill of an underground gallery.

Held in unit seven at 20 Commerce Street, the low ceilings and narrow room give the space a very intimate feel — something Inskip said adds to the atmosphere of the show.

“I feel like a lot of the have been really intimate and that has worked out well for the artists I’ve had,” Inskip said. “It was amazing — it really was, and I feel like every show that’s happened in February has had just enough support and just the right amount on support that the artists were able to connect more intimately with their audience.”

The show will run from noon to 10 p.m.

“As long as art is being shown, you got to take advantage of it,” Flack said.

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