Featured Artist: Chelsea Lowe is doing big things in a small town

Jonathan Roberts • Updated Jul 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM

After several years doing digital art, Piney Flats’ Chelsea Lowe hit it big when she was commissioned to do posters for 21st Century Fox’s “Dark Phoenix” and Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 4.”

This wasn’t always her career path though, as she didn’t get serious about doing art until high school, and initially went to school for web design. Before too long though, she realized that web design wasn’t her passion or something she enjoyed doing, and graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2014 with a degree in Digital Media.

The 27-year-old Lowe’s career has certainly taken off, but she’s till pursuing her top goal of being a part of the next major movie franchise or TV series — ideally having to do with horror. 


Chelsea Lowe briefly: 

Favorite place to eat: Pal’s or Cheddar’s

Favorite art piece you’ve done: Evil Dead 2 poster

Favorite city you’ve visited: Savannah, Georgia

Favorite comic convention: Spooky Empire or Fanboy Expo

Movie/TV series past or present you’d want to work on: “Indiana Jones” or “Stranger Things”

How does it feel to do work for companies like Disney-Pixar and 21st Century Fox?

It feels pretty great. In this digital age, the internet has really helped people like me who live in rural areas to get big opportunities like that.

Have you thought about leaving Northeast Tennessee to pursue other big opportunities?

I really like the East Tennessee area, if i relocated anywhere, it’d probably be Charleston (South Carolina) or somewhere like that. I have no desire desire to live out in Los Angeles (California) or somewhere like that. There’s too many people.

What was your biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career? 

I think breaking into the field the biggest challenge is just getting people to see your work. Building that following is huge. This is my fourth year doing this full-time and I’m just now getting regular-income projects.

You do a lot of work for yourself, why is that important for you? 

I think for me, sometimes when you’re doing professional projects you’re doing them because you have to. Even if you’re not really into it, you have to do it because you’re getting paid. But with these self projects, it really helps me keep an interest in doing art for a living because I'm drawing what I want to draw instead of what somebody is paying me to draw.

What’s some advice you’d give to someone who doesn’t feel they can be successful in this area?

I think connections are everything. Definitely use the internet to your advantage, I use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve built a big following that way. When I post my art there, agencies and other companies notice my work, and they commission me for stuff for them. I also travel a lot to different conventions and showing your art that way is also a good way to get your art out there.



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