Elizabethton students demonstrate proficiency with quilt squares

John Thompson • Feb 12, 2019 at 6:06 PM

ELIZABETHTON — The walkway between Elizabethton City Hall and East Elk Avenue got a new look Saturday morning as some artistic Elizabethton City Schools students reached deep into their emotions for a new slant on a familiar East Tennessee art medium.

Elementary, middle school and high school students used the barn quilt motif found on area quilt trails. But many of these students have also written poems about their quilt squares to help the guide the viewer not to the scenic countryside, but to the complex personalities of teen artists.

The students and their work featured in the displays include Caden Rogers and “Life”; Kayla Story and “Labels”; Macey Burleson and “Day and Night”; Reagan and Rylee May, “Identical, but Not the Same”; and Reagan Price, “Won’t Fade Away.”

One artist who was not able to attend was Will Bowers. His work, “The Dragons,” is based on the dragon that was the mascot of the segregated black Douglas School.