Special Report: The Spectrum

Johnson City Press • Nov 27, 2018 at 8:52 AM

Recent events regarding minority groups in American culture, politics and law enforcement prompted the Johnson City Press to take a deeper look at ethnic, religious and gender/sexual identities in the Johnson City area. Below are links to our a three-day series of articles regarding that spectrum of marginalized populations.

The Spectrum: Learning who we are in today's America. America today is searching for its cultural identity. After far too long living under institutionalized oppression, people in traditionally marginalized groups are calling for recognition, equal treatment and access to the rights ingrained in the country’s founding documents.

Step out of comfort zone to welcome black community. Johnson City’s racial demographics overwhelmingly tell the story many southern towns experience — that the white population far outnumbers any other ethnic group.

Moving beyond the fear: Hispanic community members reach out for understanding. For some members of the local Hispanic community, telling their stories has been a way to garner understanding with a larger community.

Learning the truth about Islam. Some area Muslims say honest dialogue is key to promoting understanding between different communities. They also say beginning that conversation can be difficult with so much misinformation and mistrust of Islam in this country.

'I just couldn't go on,' B'nai Sholom's rabbi recalls hearing about the Tree of Life mass shooting. Rabbi Arthur Rutberg and the B’nai Sholom congregation were in their synagogue Oct. 27 studying the Torah when they heard the dreadful news about the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Local LGBTQ community members speak about discrimination. In the midst of a recent surge of “alt-right” ideology in today’s political climate, local members of the LGBTQ community who spoke with the Johnson City Press voiced more than a few anxieties about human rights and people’s well-being in general, but some saw promise in the outpouring of support demonstrated two months ago at Johnson City’s first pride festival.

Healthcare, #MeToo and equality are on the minds of local women. Women have fought a long battle in America’s history for everything from equal rights to equal opportunities and discrimination in the workplace and beyond. Some say the days of fighting for equal rights is in the past, others disagree.

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