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The Police Blotter returns with tales of the unknown lover, a brutal belly bumper, and more

Staff Report • May 27, 2014 at 7:47 PM

Yes, they were paying attention. A man was arrested after he tried to leave Wal-Mart with three T-shirts and a bottle of Mountain Dew, which he hadn't paid for, by just walking out the front of the store with the merchandise in plain sight. The man was stopped by loss prevention employees, after which he was arrested.

Know thy enemy ... and thy lover. A woman called police to her house after her boyfriend smashed her back door with a cinderblock, but, when they asked for his name, all she could provide was a first name. Police said the boyfriend had fled on foot before they arrived to take the report, but that an arrest warrant had been filed.

Jill of all trades. A woman told police that she was in witness protection, that she had diplomatic immunity to police action, that she would take their pensions away, and that they would hang by a rope after they responded to her 911 call. Police said the woman called them to the library parking lot for "unknown" reasons, but, when they arrived, she was upset the 911 operator had not sent an FBI agent to help her. Police said the woman refused to leave the parking lot, even though she was there after hours, and, after asking her to leave several times, told her she was under arrest for trespassing. The woman shut herself in her car, however, and, after officers worked to get her out, she was also charged with resisting arrest.

Man fights, not thinks, with stomach. Police said a woman told them a fight with her husband began when he bumped her with his belly and knocked her to the floor. On her way down, police said, she reached for his shirt and ripped it, which caused a fight that escalated to him punching her in the face. Although the husband had left before police arrived, he called them the next day and turned himself in on the charges.

Patrons probably not lovin' it. Police responded to a local McDonald's to a report of a drunken man who had passed out on the floor at around 7 p.m. Police said the man exhibited several signs of intoxication and, after he was medically cleared, took him to jail on a public intoxication charge.

Bikini season doesn't come free. A woman was cited for shoplifting after Wal-Mart personnel said she tried to leave the store with two swimsuits she hadn't paid for. Police said loss prevention employees told them she had picked the swimsuits off the rack, then stuffed them into her purse while in the grocery section.

A charitable scapegoating. A Hibachi Grill manager flagged a police officer down and said three women just left without paying their checks, but added that they left behind a man who had eaten with them. Police said the man told them the women had offered him a ride after his car had broken down, and that they brought him with them to the restaurant. After the meal, the man said, the women told him they were going to the restroom, but instead they went to the manager and said the man would pay for their meals. The man claimed, however, that he didn't know anything about the women's intentions and paid for his meal.

The Police Blotter is comprised of reports from the Johnson City Police Department.

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