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Throwing up yellow flags, the great Pepsi plundering, and more from the Police Blotter

Staff Report • Apr 23, 2014 at 9:18 AM

A yellow flag. Police said they decided to talk to a man after they saw him peeing on a downtown building. The officers said the main displayed signs of being intoxicated, but may have decided that jail was the best place for him to be after finding both a bag of marijuana and a hollowed out e-cigarette that was packed with marijuana in his pockets.

He said, he said, he said. Three men told police that the others either tried to start fights or assaulted them as they were paying for their meals at Mid City Grill. The first man said he was paying for his meal when the second man punched him in the face. The first man said he then punched the second man in retaliation. The first man said a third man then followed him out of the restaurant and tried to start a fight. The second man, however, said the first man punched him in the face as he was paying for his meal. Police said witnesses couldn't corroborate any of the men's stories.

Naked as a jaywalker. Police said they found a drunken, naked woman who did not speak English sitting on a city sidewalk. After an interpreter arrived, officers said the woman told them she was riding with a man when, for reasons which were unknown to her, he told her to get out. The woman told police that no crime had been committed against her, but she herself was arrested for public intoxication.

Coincidence, or Coke conspiracy? Within one hour this week, police received three separate calls regarding Pepsi vending machines that had been broken into. Police responded to the first call about a vandalized Pepsi machine outside of Murphy's Muffler on 311 E. Springbrook Drive. Fifteen minutes later, they responded to another call of a vandalized Pepsi machine at Rotary Park, located at 1001 N. Broadway St. The third call came in 39 minutes later when a parks department employee found a damaged Pepsi machine at Winged Deer Park at 203 Carroll Creek Road.

A redneck Easter. Police cited a woman for shoplifting after Walmart personnel said she tried to run out of the store with $54 worth of Busch beer and $363 worth of various Easter supplies. When a store employee asked her for her proof-of-purchase, she told them she left it at the self-checkout lane, which was closed at the time.

Buyer's remorse. Police said undercover officers watched what they believed to be a drug deal take place between the occupants of two vehicles in the Cherry Street parking lot. After stopping one of the vehicles, police then searched the vehicle – saying that it smelled of marijuana – and said they found 3 grams of marijuana and 1 gram of a substance that field tests would indicate was either methamphetamine or MDMA. Police said the driver told them he just bought the marijuana and the other substance in the Cherry Street lot, but that he was under the impression that he bought crack, not meth or MDMA.

Backing into a corner. A woman was sitting in her car on her lunch break in the CenturyLink parking lot when another car backed across the lot and into her car. When police arrived, they said they found a man asleep in the passenger's side of the second car. Upon waking him, police said, the man appeared "heavily" intoxicated, and he also told them that, if tested, he would test positive for marijuana and certain prescription medications.

The Police Blotter is comprised of reports from the Johnson City Police Department.

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