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The great appliance heist, a night out in Johnson City, and more from the Police Blotter

Staff Report • Apr 1, 2014 at 4:06 PM

Selective memory. After police pulled over a woman for speeding, she told them she didn't have insurance because she had just purchased the car. What she didn't tell them was that her license was revoked and suspended in March of 2011 ... and suspended again in May of 2011 ... and suspended again in November of 2011 ... and both revoked and suspended again in March of 2012. Despite all those revocations and suspensions, however, the woman hadn't been arrested for driving on a revoked license ... until that night, that is.

Helping hand, harmful mouth. While police officers were talking with an intoxicated woman, another woman came over and said she would call her a cab. Police said that the woman's mother was already on her way to pick her up, but the other woman, who, police said, was also intoxicated, said that was unnecessary, and then started lecturing the police on how they should do their jobs. Despite the officers asking her to leave, the woman persisted, until she was arrested for public intoxication.

Sorry you did it, or sorry you got caught? After coming across a blacked-out vehicle, police said they suspected something illegal was happening. When the driver opened the door, officers said they smelled a "strong odor" of marijuana. When asked about the marijuana, police said the man simply replied, "I'm sorry." The man was cited for simple possession for what police said was around 4 grams of marijuana.

The great appliance heist. Police responded to a local apartment after a woman called and said someone had stolen her dryer. The woman told police she was keeping her dryer in a friend's apartment. That friend told police she returned home one day to see her back door ajar and the dryer missing.

Too quick to return to the scene. Police said a man managed to leave a local electronics store with some unpaid merchandise, then went to another store and tried to do the same thing. That store's manager found him out, however, and the man relinquished his supply of stolen goods from both stores. When the store manager went back to return the items to the electronics store, he said he saw the man there, as well.

Hell hath no fury ... Even though a man wasn't home, his girlfriend went to his house to collect some of her belongings. His two roommates were there, however, but they said, after she arrived, they went into their separate rooms. When they emerged, they saw the back door was open and their living room TV was missing. The man told police he suspected she had taken his computer tablet the night before, as well.

... Like a woman scorned. Police were called to a house after a man said he was attacked by his estranged girlfriend. The man said the woman came over uninvited and began to bang on his windows. When he went outside to return a phone to her, he said, she tried to grab him. After he pulled away, he said she hit him in the ribs and stomach, then left the scene. When police found her, she told them the man was ignoring her, and that she would not be ignored. Although she said she didn't remember what happened after the man pulled away, police arrested her on an assault charge after seeing bruises on the man's side.

A night out in Johnson City. Police filed four separate incident reports and arrested two people within a 30-minute period outside of the Electric Cowboy one night in March:

• The first incident involved a man and a woman who said another woman had assaulted them. While taking that report, police said they heard a crash beside them and looked to see a lifted pickup truck attempting to drive over the hood of the car that was adjacent to it.

• Police said the truck's wheels kept spinning after it became stuck on top of the car, as though the driver did not realize where he was. Because of that, police said they removed the driver from the truck. When police asked the driver if he thought he drank too much to safely drive his truck, the man said he thought he had. After the man did not perform field sobriety tests to the officers' satisfaction, he was arrested for driving under the influence.

• While some officers dealt with the truck driver, another responded to a call of theft after a woman said someone stole her keys and had ransacked her car. The woman said, after she noticed her keys were missing, she went to her car and saw that several forms of ID were missing – including her driver's license, Social Security card, and Sam's Club membership – along with cash and her debit cards.

• After working with the truck driver and the woman, police circled around to where their evening began and approached the woman who was accused of assault. When they found her, police said she was stumbling in the parking lot in the path of moving cars, while she was screaming and cursing at people. When asked about the alleged assault, the woman said she was "jumped" and was trying to defend herself. Even though she would not be charged with assault, police would ultimately arrest her for public intoxication.

The Police Blotter is comprised of reports from the Johnson City Police Department.

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