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An unaffordable care act, the disappearing car lot, a rogue firefighter, and more from the Police Blotter

Staff Reports • Feb 24, 2014 at 9:05 PM

Gas-tly behavior. A man gave a gas station clerk $6.15 to prepay for gas, but the pump didn't stop until the total went up to $30.07. The clerk then told the man he would have to pay the difference, but the man refused, saying that the discrepancy was not his fault. When the police arrived after the clerk reported theft of fuel, the man was gone, but he left the clerk a phone number so they could talk about it later.

Hope he wasn't a firefighter. A police officer for the James H. Quillen Veteran's Affairs hospital doused a man with pepper spray after he saw him holding a fire extinguisher. That officer would later tell Johnson City police that the man was trying to start fights inside the hospital's domiciliary.

When in doubt, choose both. A police officer arrested a man and a woman after each had approached him and accused the other of domestic assault. Even though the stories were conflicting, both the man and woman had injuries consistent with what the other was saying. Because he couldn't determine who the primary aggressor was, the officer arrested them both.

The disappearing car trick. A man told police that he and the owner of an auto repair shop had agreed on a price to fix his car. The man paid part of the balance upfront, and they agreed the remainder would be paid when the work was complete. After two months, the man said, no work had been done to his car. During one of his visits to the repair shop, however, the man discovered that the shop had closed down. His car, like the shop, was also gone.

Fore ... Pete's sake. A woman was arrested after Wal-Mart personnel told police they saw her try to steal golf balls and a pair of golf gloves. Being patriotic didn't help her get out of trouble; police still took her to jail, even though she also tried to take an American flag.

Gimme shelter. Police arrested a man after they found him sleeping on the sidewalk outside of a local women's shelter. When he woke up, the man claimed to have no idea where he was, which made sense to the officers, who said there was a very strong odor of alcohol coming from him.

Maybe the gun was cold. A man was arrested after police said they found him screaming in a parking lot while holding what appeared to be a rifle wrapped in a blanket. Although the rifle turned out to be a BB gun, he was arrested anyway after police said he was very drunk.

Unaffordable care. A man recently paid $645 for a trip to Johnson City Medical Center's emergency room. The problem, as he told police, was that he hadn't been there, and wasn't even living in the same state. The man told police over the phone from his home address in Michigan.

Get your tickets. Police responded to a street corner after hearing reports that passing motorists were stopping to take pictures of a man lying on the ground. When the police arrived, the man, who they described as intoxicated, began shouting out racial slurs, and used racial slurs and profanity to answer the officers' questions. He was arrested for public intoxication shortly afterward.

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