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Dog gone marijuana, diaper bag computer caper and more from the Police Blotter

Staff Report • Jan 17, 2014 at 4:43 PM

Dog gone marijuana. A routine traffic stop ended poorly for one man, after police smelled an odor resembling marijuana smoke coming from his vehicle. He told them he didn’t have any illegal narcotics in his vehicle, but after giving permission for a dog to check the vehicle, marijuana was found inside the dashboard. The marijuana was separated into eight smaller bags and collectively weighed eight grams.

Smoking jacket. While walking home, a woman told police she was jumped by two men who struck her in the face and screamed at her to give them her belongings. After she struck one of them, they fled with her jacket, which contained only her cigarettes. Police said they later found her jacket in the general vicinity of where she said the robbery took place.

Out of transmission. A man said a transmission that had been left out in his yard was stolen. The large car part was valued at around $450, and the owner thinks other parts might be missing as well. He said he’d noticed a few people hanging around his property, but he could not advise police of a particular one.

Cigarette triangle gone bad. Three roommates found themselves in a heated situation over cigarettes, and the local police had to be called. When police arrived to diffuse the situation, a woman, who police said would not change out of her robe, was said to have thrown items at the other two roommates. She continue to argue and yell at police and was taken into custody after resisting arrest.

Infants in head-on crash. Police say a man was driving at high speed when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed into the middle of the road before hitting a parked truck head-on. In the man’s vehicle was a 19-year-old female, and two infant children. The man fled on foot, went into a nearby apartment, and escaped through a back window.

Diaper bag computer tablet. A man said he and his daughters went to a local museum. One of his daughters had special needs and uses a mini-tablet that she got for Christmas. The man placed their jackets and a diaper bag that contained the tablet in a spot at the museum for holding. After he returned home later in the day, he noticed that the tablet was missing.

Unreturned comic strips. Sending out a collection of collectable comic strips to a publisher who needed the items for a project resulted in trouble for a local man. When sending out the comic strips, he insured them for $5,000. The publisher told the man that he sent them back without insuring them and that the delivery company left the package at the front door of the residence. He told police he never received the package.

Mystery fireworks. A man said that as he was working on a truck, fireworks were set off near his head. He said the noise caused him to suffer hearing damage, but that no one else was around. That is all the information the victim could supply.

Drunk in the middle of the road. A man was found laying in the middle of the road, passed out. Police found him with his legs in the lane of traffic, and upon speaking with him, verified that he was extremely intoxicated. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Hospital stalker. Security staff at a local hospital found a person who was accused of trespassing on hospital grounds multiple times, sometimes multiple times per day. She was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing.

The Police Blotter is compiled from local law enforcement reports.

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