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Police Blotter: Man blows pot smoke in an infant's face, a woman brings a knife to a brick fight, and more

Staff Reports • Jan 3, 2014 at 6:18 PM

Blowing pot smoke in an infant’s face. A 911 call revealed that man on the other side of the call was apparently blowing smoke in the face of an infant “to get it high”. Through cell phone location pinpointing capabilities, police located the call and made contact with the man. Even though he denied it was his voice they heard, police smelled marijuana and located many marijuana-related items and some marijuana, linking him to the crime. He was charged with pot possession and having drug paraphernalia.

Birthday party cash goes missing. A man told police $400 was missing from his wallet after he fell asleep on the living room floor at the house of his son’s mother. It was his son’s birthday party, and the man suspected that two people might have been involved because they were the only ones that left the house throughout the night.

Never too old for a spanking. A woman in her late 30s was spanked by her mother. The victim of the spanking said her mother came to her house to bring her to the mall and then to the family’s holiday dinner. She said she was using the computer when her mother grabbed her from behind and started spanking her on the butt, as well as twisting her legs, which caused her a back injury.

Too drunk for a DD. Friends put a woman in a cab and paid her fare to try to get her home safely, but she ruined the opportunity. She gave the taxi driver several fake addresses before getting belligerent and hostile toward the driver. Her behavior ultimately earned her an arrest for public intoxication.

Dancing in the streets. Police were called to check on woman who was dancing in the streets. They found her stumbling as she walked and detected a strong scent of alcohol on her. She told police she only drank a single beer before admitting that she also drank some vodka, too. She was charged with public intoxication.

Armed at Fresh Market. Police were called by a manager at Fresh Market about a truck that had been parked in the lot for a few hours. As police looked into the matter, they found a man in the running vehicle. When windows were rolled down, they smelled alcohol and saw an open beer and an empty bottle of liquor. As they searched the man, they found he had a hand gun in his pocket, which included a bullet in the chamber and another clip in his front pocket. The man failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for having the weapon and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Held in an apartment. A woman said a man, who had been drinking, hit her and would not let her leave an apartment. Every attempt she’d make to leave the residence would be disallowed by the man. He would shove her to the ground, choke her, and drag her back into the apartment by the throat when she would try to leave. She finally contacted police after managing to leave the apartment.

Literally fighting crime. The clerk of a local convenience store fought off an attempted robbery when a man with a covered face and what appeared to be a concealed weapon tried to extract cash from the cash register. She swatted at the man’s hands and then pulled the shirt off his face, which prompted him to run out of the store with his arm over his face.

Don’t bring a knife to brick fight. Police were called to an argument between a man and a woman about living arrangements. A witness said the man became irate and scared the woman into grabbing a knife and hiding it between her legs. The man then grabbed a brick from the mantle. After the argument was diffused, the woman gave up her knife and the man went into his room.

The Police Blotter is compiled from local law enforcement reports.

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