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A carton of cigarettes to mom's head, a fight over a football game, and more from the Police Blotter!

Staff Reports • Dec 16, 2013 at 4:37 PM

Officer offers every chance to help Slurred speech, an odor of alcohol and a dose of trouble met a Johnson City police officer who went to a downtown bar to check on a woman who was having trouble walking. After asking the woman, who was reportedly intoxicated, about her situation, the officer tried to call her a taxi so she could get home safely. The woman argued with the officer as well as a friend who was trying to help her. She was arrested for public intoxication.

Quite the imagination A woman showed police threatening text messages she received from her ex. According to reports, the ex was so upset that he texted the woman two options for what he called “punishment” — she could either be handcuffed in her closet for two days or he would carve his name on her. Police arrested the man for harassment.

Unrequited lovemaking Upon waking up in her living room, a woman found a man undressing in her house and asking for sexual favors. She denied his requests and then another man showed up. The first man brandished a knife and the two men then went outside. The man who originally had the knife returned with a thigh wound. The woman called 911 on the men, who got nervous and left together in a car. The two were later detained.

Carton of cigarettes to the head A good time was ruined when a trio returned home from a drinking excursion recently. A man, who had been out with his mother and another woman, became agitated and punched a hole in the wall, broke several items of furniture and the freezer handle. The mother told police her son also hit her in the head with a carton of cigarettes, but she did not suffer any injuries. The other woman reported firearms in the home and told the officers, as they arrived, that the man would shoot them if they responded. He was arrested and taken into custody after a chase.

Security camera showcase Security cameras showed a man dumping trash into another man’s city dumpster earlier this month. The contents of the trash were examined, and mail from two different addresses and three people were found. The illegal dumper will be pursued for both littering and trespassing.

Bleached clothes Police arrested a man for pushing his wife down several times, and, in response, she poured bleach on his clothes. He then reportedly grabbed the bleach and poured in all over his wife. The man was arrested for a simple domestic assault. The incident stemmed from an argument over $25, which he reportedly spent and she had planned to use to buy food for her kids.

Belk shoplifter pulls knife A Belk loss prevention employee chased a man who was attempting to take a pair jeans and shirt from the store recently. The shoplifter reportedly pulled a knife pulled on the store employee and said he was not going back to jail. The shoplifter tried to make a deal with the loss prevention employee, but ditched the clothes and drove away when he learned police were on the way.

Football fight An argument over a football game left a man with a bloody nose. The man told police he was sitting next to a woman and the two got into an argument about a football game. The woman punched him in the face multiple times, and another woman, who witnessed the altercation, also was hit. The man planned to press charges.

Blocking a vehicle An improperly parked vehicle, which blocked in another vehicle outside of a local store led to threats and an arrest earlier this month. The man who was blocked in reportedly said he would, “stomp the a-- of the man, woman or child, whoever was in that vehicle.” After the owner of the improperly parked car came outside, the threats continued. Police stepped in and the man even tried to fight with the officers. He was arrested for simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Into the back of the truck A woman told police that after an ex-boyfriend’s cousin slapped her in the face, she hopped into the bed of his pickup truck to retrieve the vehicle tag number. They drove down the road with the woman refusing to get out of the truck. The man then pulled her from the truck and left the scene.

The Police Blotter is compiled from local law enforcement reports.

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