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A fake urine receptacle, a Walmart fight, stolen Timberlands and more!

Staff Reports • Nov 1, 2013 at 7:34 PM

A fake urine receptacle, a Walmart fight, stolen Timberlands and more!

Urine trouble A Johnson City man tried to outsmart his parole officer by strapping to his arm a device that contained urine in an attempt to beat a drug test. The parole officer noticed the device and alerted police. The man said it was his own urine from three weeks ago.

A successful getaway Not very often does a getaway result so well for a suspect. Police were following a man in a pickup truck through an alley in Johnson City, when the driver was able to ditch the truck. Witnesses saw two people exit from the vehicle, but no leads are available at this time. Police later found out that the truck was stolen.

Cursing left and right A police officer was checking on the welfare of a man who was lying on the ground in a ball, when a relentless woman would not give him room to help the man. The woman continued to curse at the officer and get in the way, despite efforts from the crowd to get her to leave. She pushed the officer and was arrested, prompting her to curse even more.

He took the sledgehammer, too Apparently disgruntled from owed money, a man said he took items from a local landscaping business. The items he took included a sledgehammer, six loads of firewood, and a log splitter.

Distract, steal, and dash A man and two females were part of a process to take loot from an apartment complex. The man was set to distract one of the apartment’s renters, while the females took a television, ammunition, a cell phone battery, and keys to get it.

Walmart car fight Police were called to a local Walmart after reports were made about a female beating up on a male in a car. The woman had apparently hit the man in the arm and body and poked him in the eye. She was mad because she had been sitting in the car all day at the doctor’s office.

Who’s that man? A man got up to get a drink of water from his kitchen when he noticed an unknown man standing in the corner of his kitchen. He told the unknown man that he had five seconds to leave, which he did before taking off running up the street, with the man in chase. They both sustained injuries after an apparent struggle took place.

We haven’t sold those boots today A man went into a local outdoor store with one of the store’s bags and with a receipt in hand in an a process to try to steal some Timberland boots. One of the employees saw the man grab the boots, go to an obscure part of the store, put them in his bag and walked out with a receipt visible. Records showed that those boots weren’t sold on that day. Police had identified the man and are investigating the situation.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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