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Hitting city workers with a truck, peeing in the alley, the old fake check trick, and more

Staff Reports • Oct 23, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Hitting city workers with a truck A man driving a truck was in quite a rush when he pushed through two female Johnson City Water and Sewer workers who were blocking traffic for maintenance reasons. He struck them with his truck after they wouldn’t let him pass through to his apartment, which was right behind the workers. There was no report of injury to the workers, and they took his tag information after the incident.

You picked the wrong one Outside a local pharmacy a woman was asked by a man to buy him pseudoephedrine. She called the police on the man. The man’s vehicle was searched and police found a hypodermic needle, a metal straw, and a Chore Boy filter, and was cited for having unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Temper tantrum TV buster After letting a friend stay with her, a woman wound up with a broken television. The woman told police she was having troubles with the friend and wanted her to move out. After the friend came to the house looking for the victim and not finding her, she went to the living room and flipped over the TV, breaking the screen.

The fight is strong in this one Multiple attempts to get a Johnson City man to stop fighting were unsuccessful after a night at the bar. Police said the man was pushing and arguing with several people, including a local constable who was serving as a security guard. Without any cooperation from the man, police arrested the man, who pushed them as well. He was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. When he was brought to Washington County Detention, where he told police he only consumed one beer. In booking, the man passed out before waking up to vomit in a garbage can, before passing out once more.

What dragging bumper? A man told police he saw nothing wrong with his car after it had been reported that his front bumper was dragging on the ground as he drove. He admitted to police that he had been drinking and when asked, he wasn’t close on identifying the current time. He was arrested for driving under the influence and for drinking and possessing alcohol under the age of 21.

Peeing in the alley Upon routine patrol, a police officer came across two men in an alleyway, one who was urinating. After the man had finished urinating, the officer questioned and searched the man who had peed, and found a small bag of marijuana, and that he had two outstanding warrants.

The old fake check trick A woman received a check for $1,690 from a company called Mystery-Shopper-USA. An accompanying letter told the woman to that she had been selected to shop for them in the area, as long as she sent a check back for $970. When she followed the instructions, she found out that the check was fraudulent and she was responsible to pay the money owed to the bank.

Cars mysteriously damaged Two cars traveling through the same area both experienced damage to their vehicles, but could not find out what had caused it. Both people said they didn’t hear anything resembling gun shots, but both felt damage to their cars it happened. The area was thoroughly checked, but nothing was found.

Coasting down the hill A woman was stopped by police after she had run out of gas and was letting her car coast back down the hill. Upon checking the woman’s record, police found out that her driver’s license had been suspended and that she had a lengthy, unsatisfied driving record.

That’s not junk! A man arrived home late one night and couldn’t get his refrigerator and matching washer and drier into his house, so he put a tarp around them and left them in his yard for the night. The next morning, a neighbor saw a truck come by and load them up and drive them away. The neighbor assumed the driver of the truck accidentally thought the appliances were to be thrown away.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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