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When “wilding out" goes too far, falling asleep at the wheel...at the gas pump, and more!

Staff Reports • Oct 13, 2013 at 2:02 PM

“Wilding out” ends in big mess A man who was off his medications was allegedly “wilding out” when damaging another man’s porch. Police found the porch to be covered in oil and two oil filters, and the screens to be cut and damaged. The mess was caused by the suspect, totaling $250 worth of damage during this “wilding out” episode.

Too much vodka at the supermarket Police found an intoxicated man at the bus stop in front of a local grocery store. The man told police he’d finished off about half of his bottle of vodka, which he’d poured into his plastic cup. Upon checking the man’s bottle, it was half gone. The man was arrested for public intoxication.

Not the gutters! Upon returning to her house after receiving medical treatment for a few days, a woman found that the gutters on her house were missing, along with many other outdoor items. The list of take items included an expandable pocket hose, a weed eater, and an extension cord.

Who’s that man? A dog’s barking tipped off a man that something was wrong. He looked out to his son’s vehicle to see an unknown man sitting in the front seat. When the man called for his son as he walked over to the car, the unknown man walked away. The victim said his mom had been cleaning out his vehicle, but accidentally left the doors unlocked. Upon checking the vehicle, the victim said nothing was missing, but many things were clearly rummaged through.

The two-timing class ring pawner A man made a deal with another man that he could pawn his class ring in an arrangement where the man would return the ring to the rightful ring owner after the pawn. The man pawned the ring for a second time and the rightful owner was unable to get his ring back because it was in the other man’s name.

Who put that bulldozer there? Police responded to a wreck where a man drove his Toyota truck into a large yellow bulldozer. Upon making contact with the driver of the truck, police detected slurred speech and alcohol on the man. He told police he had a couple of beers before going on to fail three field sobriety tests causing him to be arrested for driving under the influence.

Glasses battered at the bar An argument between a bar employee ended with a $500 pair of glasses being destroyed. The victim claims the employee grabbed the glasses off of his face and threw them on the ground. At the recommendation of the police, the victim filed a criminal summons against the suspect. It later came out that the glasses would cost $605 to replace.

Out of it at the gas pump After falling asleep at a gas pump, with her head on the steering wheel, the police were called to check on a woman who had two small boys in the car. She told police that she had been given pills for a foot surgery, and couldn’t perform properly in tests to determine her ability to operate a motor vehicle. After she was arrested, she told police she had “smoked a blunt” earlier, had a beer, as well as being prescribed Xanax.

Cleaning out someone else’s grease trap A man was observed pumping used cooking grease from a fenced off and locked area behind Kentucky Fried Chicken. Police said he was pumping the grease into his vehicle.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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