Charges dismissed, reduced in assault case

Becky Campbell • Sep 26, 2013 at 9:38 PM

Some charges were dismissed and some reduced Thursday after a Washington County Sessions Court judge heard evidence in an alleged attempted rape of a woman and serious assault on her boyfriend.

The testimony in the case also revealed a victim’s testimony conflicted with her statement to police, as well as a defense attorney’s position of a flawed police investigation.

Four men are charged in the case that stems from an Aug. 22 incident outside and inside 600 St. Louis St.

Janmichael Vincent “Gotti” Lingo, 21, 1400 Orleans Terrace, Apt. 420; and Lance Howard Hugley, 22, and Najier “Tim” Hugley, 21, both of 515 Pardee St., were bound over on charges of especially aggravated burglary and aggravated assault, but an attempted aggravated rape charge against the three was dismissed.

The attempted aggravated rape charge on Adrian Dashon “D” Bizzell, 405 Bettie St., was reduced to sexual battery, and three aggravated assault charges on him were reduced to simple assault. He was also bound over to the grand jury on an especially aggravated burglary charge.

It all happened around 11:30 p.m. Aug. 21 and into the early morning hours of Aug. 22, the female victim said. Her boyfriend, Randy Tucker, did not testify, but she said the assault changed him and his physical and mental abilities.

Most of the testimony didn’t focus on Tucker’s injuries, though. Instead, Assistant District Attorney General Will Monk honed in on the alleged attempted rape.

The woman said she encountered the four men, all of whom she knows, after returning movies to a friend. She said Tim Hugley beckoned her to come talk to them and asked her if she wanted to do something in exchange for crack cocaine.

An admitted drug user, the woman testified she had previously done things for drugs, but wasn’t interested in what the men suggested that night.

After she refused and started to walk away, she said one of the men suggested something else. She testified she didn’t want to do that, either, but she was afraid of what the men would do to her.

That’s when someone grabbed her from behind, ripped her waistband and pulled her pants down. When she pulled away, the woman ended up on the ground with her top off, she said.

When it was over, someone threw down a crack cocaine rock, the woman said. She picked it up and started to walk to her house across the street. That’s when Bizzell hit her on the head with a beer bottle, followed her into her apartment, hit her again and also hit Tucker in the head with the bottle, the woman said.

The woman said Bizzell left and she and Tucker both took a hit of the crack cocaine. At that point, they heard someone coming in the front door. She said all four men came in and Bizzell held her while the other three assaulted Tucker.

The hearing took four and a half hours with the DA and four defense attorneys — Bill McManus for Lingo, Don Spurrell for Bizzell, Casey Sears for Najier Hugley and Patrick Denton for Lance Hugley — to question the woman and two other witnesses.

After ruling on what charges to send to the grand jury, Judge James Nidiffer addressed the bond issue. He reduced bond for Lingo and both Hugleys from $150,000 to $50,000 each and reduced Bizzell’s from $250,000 to $125,000.

All four men are also facing probation violations from previous convictions. Bizzell also has a charge of sale of crack cocaine pending.

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