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Blowing away a possum, a family food fight, stolen Skoal and more!

Staff Report • Sep 22, 2013 at 8:37 PM

Touch my tips and get the belt An employee of a local eatery was beaten up after he was accused of stealing a female co-worker’s tips. Police found the man beat up in the parking lot of the restaurant and learned that the co-worker’s husband and others had hit him from behind while he was leaving work. He said he was choked and a witness said he was beaten with a belt. Police recovered half of a broken belt at the scene.

Borrow it once, but don’t borrow it twice A man accused his daughter of taking his car after she took it without his permission. The man had given her permission to borrow it in the past, but not this most recent time.

Food fight! An argument between a brother and sister turned messy and the food began to fly. Police reports say the two were arguing over the fact she had a job and he did not, which prompted him to make a derogatory sexual comment about her before assaulting her. She said after they threw food at each other, he pushed a plate of food in her face, breaking the plate after he punched it.

Hey, that’s not me! A man received a phone call from police after someone was using a debit card with his name on it. Police said the man was the only man with that name in the area and was more than willing to cooperate. The man said he wasn’t even missing a card, nor had be been to the location where the stolen purchases were made.

What would you do if a possum went after your baby? A Johnson City man was cited for firing a firearm in the city limits after he shot a possum in his backyard. The man said his baby sitter was watching his 4-month-old child when the possum went after the baby, prompting him to retrieve his revolver and shoot the animal.

They came and they took the Skoal Police responded to a possible burglary in Johnson City where the victim said an unknown suspect picked a lock to get in the rear door of the house. The victim said the burglar made off with two Gatorades, a loaf of bread, two pizzas and a can of Skoal chewing tobacco, for a total of $35.

It’s not a threat, it’s a promise A Johnson City man said he stopped allowing a female suspect to use his vehicle, which, he said, prompted the suspect to threaten to flatten his tires. The following morning, the victim found that all four tires on his vehicle had been flattened.

The bike is too much right now Police responded to a man down after it appeared he fell off his bicycle. The man said he was riding home when he crashed. Police smelled a strong odor of alcohol and noted his poor physical coordination. After refusing treatment, he was arrested for public intoxication.

What’s my age again? A Johnson City man was arrested for public intoxication and consumption under the age of 21 after he failed to provide police with the right age. Police said they responded to a fight call and found the suspect with an open beverage. They said he had slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet. After the suspect gave police misinformation about his birth date, he was arrested.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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