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A house for only $700, mom stole my pet rat, stolen box fans and more!

Staff Reports • Sep 14, 2013 at 9:13 PM

  • The $700 house. A person who had a house for sale on Hilltop Avenue through a real estate company was given a great surprise when they realized the property they had up for sale was listed on Craigslist. An unknown seller, unauthorized by the victim or the real estate company, had listed the house for $700, and in the ad, said they would trade them a key to the house for the cash.
  • Rentals gone wrong. Two employees of a Johnson City rental equipment company went to the house of a customer to either procure payment or the rented merchandise. After some waiting, the suspect arrived home to cuss out and attempt to beat up both of the victims. Despite the employees’ requests for the equipment, the suspect told them he had the money before fleeing in his vehicle.
  • Dude, where’s my pet rat? Police responded to a theft where the victim said her mother had come over to her apartment to take personal items from her as punishment for her getting back together with her boyfriend. Of the listed personal items, a pet rat and clothing were included. In an attempt to get the rat back, the victim contacted their mother, but the mother refused the bring the items back. The mother used her key to gain entry into the apartment.
  • Please, pay my rent. A Johnson City man found himself both out of money and without his rent paid after he gave a man money to pay his rent for him. The suspect was given $200 to pay the man’s $195 rent, instructed to give it to the property manager, and keep the extra $5 for his efforts. When the victim contacted the property manager the next day, he found out the rent had never been paid.
  • Stop bringing your problems to work. Following his release from jail on a domestic assault arrest, a Johnson City man couldn’t shake the ex-girlfriend against whom he had an order of protection. He had great success in avoiding the ex-girlfriend, but she has been persistent in showing up at his place of work, demanding to seem him. The victim’s boss ultimately called 911 on her, prompting her to leave. Police photographed the man’s text messages and determined she was the aggressor, and told him to continue avoiding all contact with the woman.
  • Email evidence. A woman who found herself without her debit card was unsure if she’d lost it or if it had been stolen from when she was at a local supermarket. Later on in the night, she received email notifications that someone had been illegally using her missing debit card at two locations in Johnson City.
  • This is a robbery, everyone stay cool. Following the Tree Streets Yard Sale, two box fans were taken from a yard, although they were neither free nor for sale. The owner of the property gave a description of the vehicle that had taken them and police were able to make contact with the owner of the vehicle. The owner of the box fans did not press charges.
  • Bike thief leaves their mark. A Johnson City man’s bicycle was stolen from his garage after a lock had been forced open, but that wasn’t all. The victim also said that his tool boxes had been rummaged through, and that his motorcycle had been spray painted with gold spray paint.
  • Embezzler comes clean, but it’s too late. An employee for a title loan company came clean in a conversation with her supervisor, saying that she’d been stealing money from the company and it was catching up to her and she couldn’t do it anymore. She was so kind as to offer a list of fraudulent accounts, totaling more than 100. The supervisor also said that the employee did not make a bank deposit as she was supposed to, and also took $900 from the drawer. Her total of money taken from the business reached $41,098.
  • A little bit of shrimp, and a little bit of chicken. Security video ruined a man’s dinner after he had been seen taking food from a supermarket. With the grand total of his stolen property reaching $9.05, the man was also nabbed for being moderately intoxicated.
The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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