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Assault rifle? Check. Ballistic vest? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. Knee pads? Check.

Staff Report • Aug 20, 2013 at 9:45 PM

Beer and beef links: The perfect snack. A man was partially successful as he shoplifted a Coors Light beer and Beef N Cheese Jack Links from the Kroger’s on State of Franklin Road. A night employee at the store confronted the man outside and was able to get the beer and one of Jack Links pack back before the man ran away. The employee told police the man was able to get away with several packs of Jack Links.

Return of the Non-Returns. After entering the Walmart on W. Market St., a man reportedly took dog food, a wireless mouse and a web cam –– all for sale at the store –– to the customer service desk and returned the items using his ID. The man was given $91 for the items and left the store.

Vacuum missing in action. A woman’s neighbor, who helped her move into her new apartment, is suspected in the alleged burglary of her vacuum cleaner. The man reportedly made several comments about the machine and how his mother needed a new vacuum, and it went missing the following day. The woman said she heard the man tell someone how he gave his mother a new vacuum, but when interviewed by police, he denied taking anything from the apartment and gave a description of the vacuum he gave to his mother. The descriptions of the vacuums were different and there were no signs of forcible entry.

Egg attack! Police responded to a home that had been egged. The egging victim said his car had been egged a lot in the last few months and decided to report the vandalism after his son’s unlocked car reportedly had eggs crushed into the interior.

Pills, Pills, Pills. A woman told police that she was allegedly on so many different pain and prescription drugs that she was bound to have some in her system, after she tripped on a rug at a local hospital and was found sitting in her car. The woman was arrested for public intoxication.

Armed and prepared for anything. Police arrested a well prepared Elizabethton man for unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon and disorderly conduct. From the suspect, they reportedly seized a ballistic vest, assault rifle, ear protection, knee pads, combat gloves, a self-contained breathing apparatus mask, and gowns and rubber gloves.

Moonlight cable guy. While on patrol, an officer observed a reportedly lethargic man up an extension ladder at 2:50 a.m., unsafely hooking up cable in the dark. After talking with the man, the officer said he learned that the man was on prescription drugs and he was not, in fact, entitled to free cable as he had told the officer. The man was charged with public intoxication.

Chased by the witness. Police made contact with a witness who followed a man after reportedly stole items from Target and dashed to the nearby McDonald’s with the witness just behind. When police spoke with the suspect at McDonald’s, he reportedly still had the stolen property in his possession. The witness told police that the suspect had been looking at the same items two weeks before. The man was charged with shoplifting.

They came through the window. Police responded to a residential burglary on Lamont Street where a television and XBox were the reported stolen items. The victim told police that a blanket covering her son’s bedroom window was shut in the window, leading her to believe that it might have been to point of entry for the burglars. She also told police that a similar incident occurred almost a year before.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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