Gray woman charged with helping son elude Carter Co. deputies in chase

John Thompson • Jul 26, 2013 at 10:53 AM

ELIZABETHTON — A Washington County woman was arrested Wednesday by the Carter County Sheriff's Department on an allegation she had helped her juvenile son avoid arrest.

Bobbie Jo Axelrod, 41, 604 Douglas Shed Road, Gray, was arrested by Deputy Salvatore Caccamo on a charge of accessory after the fact.

Investigator Travis Ludlow said the sheriff's department had been attempting to apprehend Alexrod's son for the past few months on several felony charges from multiple jurisdictions. During the time, Ludlow said he has been in contact with Axelrod. In discussions with her, Ludlow said he told her about the charges and the fact he was avoiding apprehension. Ludlow said Axelrod told him she was attempting to assist the department in apprehending her son.

Ludlow said that on June 26 he and Sgt. Brian Durham conducted a traffic stop on East K Street, near Holston Avenue. Ludlow said Axelrod's son was an occupant in the vehicle and he fled on foot. Ludlow pursued him, but lost sight of him in the area of East H St. and Holston Avenue.

After chasing the boy, Ludlow returned to the scene of the traffic stop and talked with the driver of the stopped car, George Joshua Harrison. Harrison told Ludlow that when officers began following the car, Axelrod's son called his mother and told her police were after him and he needed her help.

Ludlow then returned to H Street to assist in the search for the juvenile. An H Street resident approached Ludlow and asked if he was looking for someone. He then described a subject that matched the appearance of the juvenile. He said the boy had sprinted into the road and gotten into a gray car. He said the vehicle left, going east on K Street.

Ludlow said he knew from past interaction with Axelrod that she drove a dark gray 2006 Ford 500.

On July 16, the juvenile was taken into custody be the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Ludlow interrogated the boy and said he admitted he had called his mother for help before he fled and that she was the one who picked him up. He said he told his mother he was in trouble and the police were after him. He said she picked him up and dropped him off at the Airport Apartments in Stoney Creek.

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