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Leapin' lizards, Batman! It's the great cage caper

Staff Report • Jul 2, 2013 at 10:26 PM

• Man bit by dog while fleeing from gunman. When a Johnson City father heard the commotion of several men picking a fight with his son and a friend who both went to ride their bikes near Wilson Avenue on June 21, he went out to investigate and found one of the men had a gun. The man with the gun had mentioned to the man’s son and friend that it was tucked in his waist band. The boy’s friend ran to a safer distance to watch the confrontation, and it wasn’t until the father arrived that the man brandished the weapon. All victims fled the scene by running through a Wilson Avenue resident’s yard, but the father was bitten by one of several dogs on his right leg. The man made it back home before paramedics arrived at his home, but family drove him to the medical center to treat the dog bite.

• Cruisin' with a 40. Police witnessed a man drinking beer from a large bottle while driving down Whitney Street with his headlights off at 9 p.m. on June 21. While stopping the vehicle, police saw the man put something underneath the passenger seat and it was later found to be a cold, partially consumed 40 ounce beer. After the alcohol was poured out on scene, the man was issued a misdemeanor citation for having an open container in the car. The vehicle was left at the scene and the man went to a friend’s house on foot.

• Woman’s bearded lizard goes missing. A woman left her pet bearded lizard on her porch on East Myrtle Avenue, went somewhere and came back to find the cage door open and the inside of the cage disturbed as if someone had reached in and removed the animal on June 24.

• Choo! Choo! Shew! A 51-year-old man caused all trains in the area to stop because he was too close to the tracks and was causing a disturbance on June 22 at about 2 a.m. Police located the man, who admitted to drinking several 40 ounce Hurricanes, in the woods near a Johnson City Power Substation. He was charged with public intoxication and taken to jail.

• Man’s daughter finds cash and more in yard. While playing in the yard, a man’s daughter discovered a wallet containing a drivers license, savings cards, currency and jewelry. The wallet and contents were handed over to police.

• Home, home without the range. The skies were probably cloudy all day after a Johnson City mobile home dealer discovered that a $500 stainless steel Whirlpool range on display inside one of its showroom homes had been taken after an unknown suspect cut the metal strap off the back door to gain access on June 20 around midnight.

• Customer conceals restaurant’s money bag. A Beef O Brady’s employee saw a man take the company’s bank deposit bank and try to put it in his pants. After employees confronted the customer, the man gave the money bag back and ran off into the woods behind the business. The restaurant's owner did not wish to prosecute.

• Rife with potential disaster. Police had to chase down a man involved in a fight with a woman, who was stranded at his apartment, over a rifle. They apprehended him inside of his apartment while the woman was standing near Antioch Road with the rifle and a few more belongings. The woman claimed the rifle was stolen from her aunt, but she didn’t know who took it. The man said he had not wanted the woman who was dropped off there to stay at the apartment because he had work in the morning. The argument became heated and the man picked up the rifle while they were fighting. The woman believed the man took the gun that belonged to her aunt so that it could be traded for bath salts. Both were charged with public intoxication.

The Police Blotter is compiled from area law enforcement reports.

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