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Bike enthusiasts hope Web could help Doe Mountain trail off

Staff Report • May 13, 2014 at 2:06 PM

MOUNTAIN CITY — The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association of the Tri-Cities is seeking Internet votes from the community for a grant from Bell Helmets, which will be used to build mountain bike trails on Doe Mountain.

Doe Mountain is a 6,600-acre mountain that runs through the center of Johnson County. It was recently established as a recreational area by the state. Trails and other recreational projects are now being planned by the Doe Mountain Recreational Authority, an independent agency set up by the state.

SORBA Tri-Cities has been selected as a Top-12 finalist for a Bell Built Grant offered by Bell Helmets and the International Mountain Bike Association. Bell Helmets will be giving away $100,000 for building three mountain bike facility projects across the country. The winners of the grants will be determined by Internet voting. The voting for the East Coast Region is taking place through Sundy. To vote for Doe Mountain, go to www.sorba-tricities.org.

“This project gives us the opportunity to build a type of trail system that currently doesn’t exist in our region,” SORBA Tri-Cities president Anthony Duncan said on the organization’s website. “Our region lacks true beginner mountain bike trails, and also lacks a lot of new-school-type riding that includes what we call ‘flow’ trails. Flow trails are trails that are designed to be smooth and flowing, allowing riders to keep and control their speed with rolling-grade dips and berms.”

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