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Celebration Forms

Before downloading an announcement form, please read this important information:

After downloading and printing out the desired form, please type or print and return with photograph, if desired, to the Johnson City Press Tempo Department.

There is a flat charge of $20 per announcement without a photograph. If you wish to use a photograph, please click here to view prices of photographs.

The Johnson City Press is not responsible for illegible and incorrect information on announcement forms and reserves the right to edit the text of stories according to established policies. Only the information requested by the Johnson City Press on each form type will be included in the announcement.

Examples: School and career information is only printed in engagement announcements. It will not be included in wedding announcements. Wedding announcements will not include any information about flowers, decor, etc., that is not requested by the Press on the wedding form.

You must have Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print the announcement forms. Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat reader. All information must be submitted on the newspaper-approved form.

Click here to download Wedding form
Click here to download Engagement form
Click here to download Anniversary form

Photographs: Either black and white or color photographs can be used, but to reproduce well, any photograph must be sharply focused.

Photos shot with a "soft" focus will not reproduce well in the newspaper. The best reproduction comes from a black-and-white, glossy print, but, again, most photos work well if they have a sharp and clear focus. Photographs that will not reproduce reasonably true to image will NOT be accepted. The Johnson City Press reserves the right to refuse any photo.

All celebration photos in the Press are vertical, so vertical images are best to submit for publication. If you must submit a horizontal photo, the staff at the Press can help you determine if the photo can be cropped to fit the purchased size. Some horizontal photos cannot be cropped to fit the Press format, so a different photo will have to be submitted.

We reserve the right to crop photos and make other adjustments to them in order for the photo to look the best when reproduced in the newspaper. Only the bride (bride-to-be) or the couple may be in the photo. We will not publish photos that include pets, children or anyone other than the couple.

For your convenience, attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the wedding form, and your photograph will be mailed back to you. If you do not, your picture will be held for pickup at the Johnson City Press for two months. After two months, unclaimed photos are thrown away. The newspaper will take reasonable care to safeguard photos but will not be responsible for loss or damage.

If you turn a photograph in at the Elizabethton or Erwin bureaus, the photograph will be sent back to the bureau within a week. You may pick up your photo there.

Deadlines: Deadline is 4 p.m. 10 days prior to the date of publication. Payment must be made by this time and all information should be submitted. All announcements will appear in the Tempo section of the Sunday edition.

To submit an announcement by mail, send the form to Tempo - Celebrations, Johnson City Press, P.O. Box 1717, Johnson City, TN 37605. If a photo is to be used with the wedding story, include the photo and a check made out to the Johnson City Press for the total amount based on the size of photograph you wish to use. If you do not wish to use a photograph, the charge will be $20. You can also call 423-929-3111 to pay for your announcement with a credit card.

You can email your form and/or photo to Be sure to put "celebration announcement" in the subject line so that your email will not be mistaken as junk mail.

Names: Many people list parents as "Mr. and Mrs." if they are married and living together, but they can also be listed by their given names. If they are divorced or separated, please list them separately on the form, and show their separate addresses.

Deceased parents and grandparents should be identified as "the late ..." Some people prefer to list parents and grandparents by their given names, dropping the "Mr. and Mrs." For example, "The bride is the daughter of Patricia M. and John L. Smith."

Wedding Form Information

Relationships of wedding party members will only be mentioned if they are brothers, sisters, parents or grandparents, and if the relationship is listed on this form.

Wedding attendants who perform a ceremonial function โ€” bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls, for example โ€” may be included in the wedding story provided that their names and roles are included on the form. The Johnson City Press does not, however, list the names of technical advisors and/or planners such as wedding coordinators, photographers and music supervisors.

The newspaper does not publish information on pre-nuptial showers, rehearsal dinners or out-of-town guests listings. School and career information is only listed in engagement announcements.

To be published in the Johnson City Press, wedding stories must include the following items: full name of groom and bride, the day and date of the ceremony, the location of the ceremony (such as name of church, courthouse, chapel, etc.), the city and state where the ceremony took place and the officiant (such as a reverend, minister, rabbi or county clerk).

Anniversary Announcement Information

First through 49th anniversary announcements follow the same photo size/cost as wedding and engagement announcements.

For 50th and beyond, the smallest size announcement, with a 1 column-by-2.5 inch photo, is free of charge. If you would like a larger photo, you will pay the difference. For example: If you want the 1.5 column-by-3.5 inch photograph, the cost will be $25 โ€” $55 (the cost of 1.5x3.5 announcement) minus $30 (the cost of smallest annoucement) = $25

Some couples choose to run "then and now" photos with their anniversary announcement. "Then" photos are typically a wedding photo or a photo from early in the relationship, and the "now" is a current photograph. In this case, for the smallest size (both photos would be 1-column-by-2.5 inches) the cost would be $60 for up to the 49th anniversary and $30 for 50th and beyond.

For larger "then and now" announcements, the cost is the same as two of the single-photo announcements at that size. For example: A "then and now" with 1.5 column-by-3.5 inch photos would be $110. For 50th and beyond, a discount of $30 (the cost of the smallest announcement that is free) will be given off of the total cost. So in the above example, the cost would be $80 for a 1.5x3.5 "then and now" for a 50th anniversary and beyond.