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Carver egg hunters have need for speed when in hot pursuit

April 6th, 2012 11:04 pm by Amanda Marsh

Carver egg hunters have need for speed when in hot pursuit

Egg hunters scour the playground and grass for any sign of round and colorful pieces of plastic that they can grab and drop into their Easter baskets. It’s a five-minute mad dash to collect the most and win a prize.
“It feels like I’m running fast,” said LaMarkus Dunn, 5. “When I run fast it makes me get more eggs.”
LaMarkus searched by the swings and slides and under the monkey bars at Carver Recreation Center. By the time the five minutes were up for the 3-5 age group, he had collected 23 eggs.
“I was surprised at how many eggs I got,” said LaMarkus, who found the most eggs in his age group.
About 60 children participated in the annual egg hunt at Carver. Each age group looked for a portion of the 240 plastic eggs that were filled with candy and strategically hidden in nooks and crannies on the playground and along edges of the building and fence. After each round, the volunteer “Easter bunnies” scattered the eggs around the premises. The difficulty of the hunt increased with the age group.
“I just like to see the smiles on the kids’ faces and see how energized they get when they come out to hunt the eggs,” said Tamara Foster, programs coordinator at the Carver Recreation Center.
Once Foster said “go,” the egg hunters ran across the area as fast as their legs could take them. When Foster and other staffers suggested they search certain grassy spots, the children dashed there in droves.
Michaeus Rowe’s decision to search for eggs near the starting point proved successful. He found 20 eggs and won the 6-8 age group.
“I looked around the pavilion, the park and out in the field,” he said. “I worked hard and fast.”
When 8-year-old Michaeus and his friend MacArthur McCovery sat down to count their eggs at the end of the five-minute hunt, they thought about how great it would be for them to be the winners.
“I was telling my friend, ‘I wish I get first,’ ” Michaeus said. “And I came in first and my best friend said ‘I wish I get second’ and he got second.”
Dezmon Carpenter took first in the 9-12 age group. He and the other winners were given Easter baskets stuffed with goodies and everyone gathered at the pavilion for a cookout. Egg hunt participants were also given dozens of hard boiled eggs that were colored by children at Carver earlier this week.
Even though Michaeus was happy with his winnings, he was eager to share with others.
“I like to find candy and give it to my family so they can have stuff,” he said.

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