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Crockett event eases move to high school

March 6th, 2012 11:04 pm by Madison Mathews

Crockett event eases move to high school

The transition from middle school to high school can often be tricky, but having a program for parents and incoming freshmen that helps ease that transition can make things a little less painless.
That’s why David Crockett High School created High School Readiness Night, which gives eighth-graders and their families a chance to learn about the school and the various classes, clubs, athletics and other extra-curricular activities that are offered.
“It’s a big step. We’re bringing five communities into one and most of the schools are community schools, so we want to make sure our students are as ready as they can be when they get here,” Principal Andy Hare said.
On Tuesday night, hundreds walked through the halls of Crockett visiting booths representing everything from French Club and the Health Occupations Students of America to football and band programs.
The event, which was created to address new standards set in motion by the Tennessee Diploma Project, has gone on at Crockett for three years and has been a wild success, especially with parents.
“This has been wonderful for us, especially as counselors, to connect with the parents because they are such an important role in making sure their kids meet these new graduation requirements,” school counselor Lorie McCorkle said.
One of those worried parents was Shelley Goodwin, who was at the school with her family and son, Jake, who will attend Crockett next year.
“I’m a nervous wreck about him going into high school, and I wanted to see what the school was like. I didn’t know they had all this going on,” she said while perusing the various stations set up around the school.
Goodwin said she didn’t have an event like Readiness Night when she was transitioning into high school, but she’s glad the event exists for her son.
“So far, we’ve met some nice people that made me feel better,” she said.
That’s the kind of confidence McCorkle said the event is supposed to inspire in worried parents and students as they become more educated and excited about becoming part of the Crockett family.
“It builds community within our school, which is important that they have some pride in the school. It helps them get involved more and become real contributors to not only our school community but our community at large,” she said.

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