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Leap Cheer: Baby born on Feb. 29

February 29th, 2012 11:05 pm by Sue Guinn Legg

Leap Cheer: Baby born on Feb. 29

Born at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, baby girl Nayana Vardhana will not see her birthday roll back around again until 2016.
Weighing in at 6 pounds and measuring 18 inches, Nayana was one of four leap babies delivered at Niswonger Children’s Hospital by early afternoon on the rare 29th day of February, and the most agreeable to an impromptu meeting with local media.
“I’m happy it’s a unique day for her,” her mother Ashvini Vardhana said as Nayana napped in her arms. “And she’ll never have to lie about her age.”
In addition to her mother, Nayana was spending her first day with her dad, Dr. Harsha Vardhana, big brother Vishnu, 2½, and a small crowd of adoring family members gathered in her birthing suite at NCH.
For her first photo shoot and television spots, she wore a white onesie trimmed in red and adorned with ladybugs. Her dark hair was smoothed forward from her crown and her complexion was deep pink and rosy.
The second of the Vardhana children, her mother said Nayana’s birth was relatively easy and came after about 12 hours of labor. Six and one-half hours into her first day on the scene, her sweet disposition remained unruffled, even under the glare of the news cameras. Undeterred by the press of reporters eager for a closer look, she kept her eyes closed tight.
She was born two weeks early and her mother said it looked for a while as if Nayana would make her way into the world on Tuesday. “But she chose today,” Ashvini said, happily. “It’s something way special for her.”
As for celebrating her birthday every four years, her mother said there will be none of that for Nayana.
“I think we’ll celebrate two days for a while. Then she can choose a day when she’s older.”

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