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Occupy Knoxville activists 'disrobe' on Main Street

January 20th, 2012 2:26 pm by Mike Blackerby

Occupy Knoxville activists 'disrobe' on Main Street

KNOXVILLE — Members of Occupy Knoxville have "disrobed" — literally, but still keeping their protest family-friendly — to acknowledge the second anniversary of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.

Five Occupy Knoxville protesters are now demonstrating on the sidewalk in front of the Old Knox County Courthouse on Main Street downtown.

The five Occupy Knoxville activists wore mock Supreme Court justice robes, festooned with the names of major corporations, like Exxon, McDonald's, DuPont, CBS, Westinghouse and others — to signify the five justices who signed off on the 5-4 ruling.

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