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Items, herbal incense reported stolen in two 'head shop' robberies

December 19th, 2011 9:37 am by John Thompson

ELIZABETHTON — The grand opening of a new head shop in Elizabethton was delayed Wednesday when burglars stole $3,000 worth of merchandise on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. On Friday, burglars struck another shop, stealing herbal incense and other items and damaging property.

Investigator Leonard Orellana responded to the first burglary on Wednesday morning at the new Up In Smoke store at 505 E. E St. The business owner, Donna Bernice Dye, told Orellana that she came in to work and found her store in disarray and merchandise missing. She said $15 in change was taken from the cash register and a pry bar with paint chips was found near the cash register.

The stolen items included $1,157 in smoking pipes; water pipes, valued at $154; 36 glass screen smoking pipes, valued at $40; scales, valued at $64; grinders, valued at $65; Magnum detox shampoo, valued at $44.90; Magnum detox blueberry flavor, valued at $23.90; Magnum detox watermelon flavor, valued at $23.90; belt buckles, valued at $40; Zydot Expelit detox, valued at $53.90; detox five-panel urine test kit, valued at $64.90; oil lamps, valued at $56; Bob Marley rolling papers, valued at $19.90; Joker rolling papers, valued at $6; and other items.

On Friday morning, police were called to Things at 407 Broad St. Officer Eric Buck responded to a call about damage to the front door of the business. The store’s owner, Jarvis Bennett, arrived a short time later.

Buck said a pool ball was found in the floor, and it is believed the eight ball was thrown to break the glass on the front door. Although the glass was broken, there were security bars attached to the front entrance.

Buck said it appeared someone had been able to get between the bars to get inside. He reported that two glass water-type smoking devices were found broken nearby. They appeared to have been broken in an effort by the burglars to take them out the front door. Each was valued at $200.

The stolen items included a bag of blue green kush herb, valued at $75; 25 grams of Mr. Niceguy herbal incense, valued at $120; other packages of incense with a value of $90; Hempire rolling papers, valued at $18; 25 small blue plastic bags and a bag of pipe screens.

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