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It’s a rocket, man: Ridgeview students have a blast blasting off model rockets

November 19th, 2011 12:07 am by Madison Mathews

It’s a rocket, man: Ridgeview students have a blast blasting off model rockets

The skies were clear and the air was crisp. Conditions for an afternoon rocket launch couldn’t have been more perfect.
After Ridgeview Elementary School students gathered outside to witness the launch, the countdown began.
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” the students chanted right before the first of two model rockets climbed into the sky.
The afternoon break came as a prize to the students after they surpassed their book fair sales goal of $7,500 this week. Based on the squeals of excitement that erupted as the rockets fired into the air, it’s safe to say the students enjoyed the spoils of victory.
“I couldn’t wait to see them blast off,” third grader Amethyst Moore said after the launch Friday. “It was really fun and enjoyable watching them go up in the air.”
Every year, the book fair sets a sales goal and runs under a theme for the week. “To the Book Fair and Beyond! Reading is Out of This World!” was this year’s theme, hence the idea for the rocket launch.
The idea was a hit with the students, even before the book fair began, librarian Lori Acord said.
“I have been telling them about it since before the book fair started that that was something that we had planned on doing if they made their goal and they have exceeded it,” she said.
Acord said they’re still tallying the totals from the book fair, but with help from students, parents and faculty, the school was able to surpass the $7,500 goal. The money brought in by the book fair will allow the library to purchase more books for students.
The annual book fair acts not only as a fundraiser for the school but also as a way to get kids excited about reading.
“Book fairs are great because they promote literacy by allowing the children choices,” Acord said. “Kids are more likely to read books that they have chosen or selected for themselves, so it gets kids excited and makes a really positive connection with reading.”

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