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Carter planning group OKs change in subdivision rules

October 25th, 2011 12:09 pm by John Thompson

ELIZABETHTON — The Carter County Planning Commission gave unanimous approval to revisions of the county’s subdivision regulations and its transportation plan during its meeting Monday.
Planning Director Chris Schuettler said the subdivision regulations were a revision of an earlier set of regulations. He said there were some changes, such as requirements for portions of property adjacent to roads. He said several typographical errors in the original regulations were also cleaned up.
The purpose of the regulations was spelled out in its opening paragraph: “Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. ... It is therefore to the interest of the public, the developer and future owners that subdivisions be conceived and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper minimum standards.”
Schuettler said the transportation plan was not a set of regulations, but was “a textbook for us to look at when we are making decisions.” The plan is intended to be a framework to guide the county’s leaders, businesses, industrialists and others in making decisions that affect the county’s future growth.
The document is intended to be a long-range document, extending to the year 2028.
Members of the audience asked if they could obtain copies of the subdivision regulations and transportation plan. Commission Chairman Steve Pierce said copies could be obtained at the planning office. When members of the audience asked if copies could be posted on the Carter County government website, Schuettler said the planning office currently does not have access to post to the site.
The planners also forwarded the annual stormwater report to the County Commission for its approval. The report is due in November.
During the discussion on code enforcement, Steve Chambers spoke about the need to resolve an unsightly burned-out property on Riverbottom Road. Schuettler said the matter would be brought before Judge John Walton during a court appearance Nov. 16.
Pierce asked about what could be done when some properties are in violation of deed covenants. He asked if the county could enforce the covenants.
Schuettler said the county could not enforce the covenants, which are private agreements. He said any of the other property owners in the subdivision covered by the same covenants could take the matter to court.
During the time for citizens’ comments, Pierce explained the reason people were being sworn to tell the truth prior to taking their comments.
“It puts people on notice that they have to tell the truth and address this meeting in an orderly manner,” Pierce said.

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