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Trespasser, Roan Mountain resident trade gunshots; meth ingredients left behind

October 24th, 2011 2:33 pm by John Thompson

Trespasser, Roan Mountain resident trade gunshots; meth ingredients left behind

ROAN MOUNTAIN — A trespasser fired back early Friday morning when a resident fired warning shots. The trespasser also left behind a pickup truck which contained several of the ingredients normally used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The discovery led to the deployment of a decontamination unit.
Tiffany Baines told Deputy Brian Smithpeters that a little after 1 a.m. she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway of her Bear Branch Road residence. She said she heard someone come onto her front porch and kick her dog, then start knocking on her door. She said she remained quiet and then heard the vehicle start up again and turn around in her driveway.
Baines told Smithpeters she went to the front door and saw the brake lights come on the trespasser's vehicle. She said she then raised her 9 mm. pistol and fired two or three rounds into the air. She said she heard two or three shots fired from the vehicle. Baines said she then heard someone come onto the porch again and knock on her door. She said she heard a man’s voice say, “I just want to talk to you.”
Smithpeters said a blue 1983 Toyota pickup truck was found parked in the driveway. Baines told him it was not supposed to be there. Another deputy said the hood was up and the battery cables were not hooked to the battery. A second battery was found in the truck bed. Smithpeters felt the hood and found the engine was still warm. Lt. Jeff Markland found a .25 caliber Titan pistol lying in the front console. The pistol was empty, and the hammer was cocked.
Markland also found a blue backpack in the truck bed. The backpack contained Coleman lantern fuel, drain cleaner, hoses, funnels, tape, coffee filters and other chemicals associated with methamphetamine manufacture.
With the discovery, Capt. Tom Smith was notified and the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force responded to the scene.
While the cleanup was underway, Smithpeters responded to another suspicious vehicle at a residence about 300 feet away on Five Sisters Lane. A white Honda motorcycle was found abandoned on the side of the driveway.
A few hours later Deputy Tracie Phipps took a report from a residence about 300 feet up Bear Branch Road from Baines’ residence. The resident, Lori Smithey, told Phipps that someone had stolen a battery from her Mazda during the night. Her son said someone had also stolen his Honda XR 400 motorcycle.
A deputy said the battery found in the Toyota pickup truck matched the description of the battery stolen from Smithey’s vehicle.
The investigation was continuing.

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